How Yoga Changed This Woman’s Life

When you think of yoga, things like fun yoga pants and various poses may come to mind, but for one young woman, yoga has led to so much more. 26-year-old Sahara Ketabi began her journey into the world of yoga at the age of 12 and claims that this event transformed her life in many important ways, including her rise to fame as a yoga instructor and author.

Ketabi says that she was overweight and had terrible digestion issues when she first entered a yoga studio many years ago. Doctors were only able to provide a vague diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gave her medications that acted to add to her problems. According to Ketabi, none of the healthcare providers she visited seemed to be concerned with her diet, but she believes it was her diet and her way of thinking about eating all along that was leading to her digestive issues.

Accomplishments Through Yoga

Upon starting yoga, Ketabi began to recognize the connection between her mind and her body. This then led to her research into Ayurveda, an ancient health system that teaches clean living in conjunction with clean eating. This system also attempts to customize its dietary restrictions based on the unique physiology of the practitioner instead of forcing a specific set of food restrictions.

Today, Ketabi has authored a book (Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda) on how yoga and Ayurveda are connected, and she also provides private yoga instruction to students who are interested in Ayurvedic yoga methods. She has claimed that none of her success would be possible without taking the first step and getting involved with yoga herself.

Yoga, Life and Health

As Sahara Ketabi’s account points out, yoga can produce life-changing results for both fitness and health. Her journey not only improved her physical fitness and eliminate her digestive problems, but it also seemed to provide her with a mental boost that catapulted her to the position of published author and entrepreneur. This last bit may actually be more important as becoming an entrepreneur can oftentimes provide an individual with the drive to succeed in many parts of life. For example, many people who take the plunge and become entrepreneurs are known to be self-motivated in their personal lives, with their health and when it comes to influencing industries.

Why is Yoga Influential in Personal Growth?

At its core, yoga intends to bind the spiritual and mental with the physical. This is done by encouraging meditative states during yoga sessions, allowing the practitioner to experience a deep connection with what is truly going on within the body. In order to facilitate this, the yoga instructor must also be in touch with the intimate inner-workings of his or her body. Many people consider yoga to simply mean stretching, but the concentration on the whole being is what really makes yoga ideal for understanding the physiological effects of the practice. In a sense, you can think of yoga as physical meditation and mental relaxation.

Another important factor in yoga’s connection to personal development is learning from those who came before you. Sahara Ketabi states that she follows the teachings of author Deepak Chopra very closely and considers him to be an icon in the realm of spiritual development through yoga’s health benefits. She also claims that he has inspired her, both at 12 years old and now, to become the person, author and yoga instructor that she is today. This should stand as an example to those considering yoga as a path to health that it is always important to have a mentor or guide to get you not only along the path, but also to the place where you can help others improve their lives. In the end, yoga may be able to serve you as a lifelong practice that opens a number of doors, both personally and professionally.