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Women Rising: 3 Powerful Women in the World

Not many will deny the fact that a female empowerment movement is taking the world. This movement is having a real effect on the workforce since it seems that more women are entering it now and are rising in power. There is no reason why they shouldn't. The following are examples of three of the most powerful women in the world.

Hillary Clinton

Love her or hate her, there is no denying how influential Hillary Clinton has become in the world of politics. Many women moving this female empowerment tide forward identify strongly with Hillary and all of her achievements. Sure, Hillary was just Bill Clinton's wife when the world first met her, but she soon showed just how driven she was as a politician. She is still one of the first politicians to talk about universal health care while her husband was in office.

Not many First Ladies were involved in politics as much as she was. This woman also became the first First Lady to also become a senator of the United States. Clinton also runs one of the most influential political foundations in the country, which continues to help nurture understanding and democratic growth. It should also be noted that she almost became the first female president of the United States. Some say it was the way she ran her campaign that ultimately cemented her loss though she did win the popular vote. It is her voice telling women that it is possible to reach for the stars.

Margaret Chan

Margaret Chan is a physician who rose through the ranks of power in a short period of time. She is most known as the Director-General of the World Health Organization, which is usually called WHO. This was after a few years of serving as the Director of Health in the Hong Kong Government from 1994 to 2003. It was her keen eye and leadership skills that made her an asset to China and the world as a whole.

She helped deal with several epidemics, such as the SARS outbreak. There are some who criticized her initial reaction to the epidemic but, in the end, most will not deny how influential her actions were. Under Chan's direction, 1.5 million chickens were slaughtered in order to stop the SARS outbreak. Chan is also credited with nurturing technology into the everyday dealings within her organization. This was an important step since technology in business helps organizations move forward and communicate effectively.

Mary Barra

The automotive industry in the United States was hit recently by a financial crisis that almost crumbled the industry, but it has been slowly coming back with a vengeance. One of the prominent automotive makers ensuring this happens is General Motors. The company has been making the cars that Americans want and has rebranded itself successfully to appeal to a younger generation.

Mary Barra has been a guiding light in their effort, which is probably one reason she is the CEO of the company. There is no doubt that Barra has a lot more to do since the automotive industry is still resuscitating, but she definitely is part of the reason GE is showing signs of life. The car company is introducing more eco-friendly vehicles and models echoing the sensibilities of millennials.

These are just some of the women out there that some would consider trailblazers though there are many others like Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker or Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Women who are looking for role models or someone to look up to should definitely be happy to see some of the women on this list.

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