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What Do You Need? And Why Do We Overeat?

All you need is love

In India I made the journey to see the Beatles Ashram. I hired a guide as the hike to the Ashram was a bit challenging. I had to navigate the narrow streets of Rishakesh, dodging vendors, monks and cows. I wasn’t in search of love. I was just a curious soul in search of visiting something I had only read about. The Ashram was desolate and long abandoned. There was a slight entrance fee because it was deemed a park, but other than the Beatle’s huts there was not much else to see. The walls were covered with symbols and verses from some of their music. I was all alone crawling in and out of the Beatles huts. In the distance I could hear wild chickens screeching out a mating call. It all seemed so whimsical and magical; much like love. One of our greatest fears is to not be loved. We all want to love and be loved. It is a fundamental part of being human, along with survival and health. But is love all we need?

At the Beatles Ashram a large heart was drawn on a wall with the words “all you need is love.” If only life was that simple. We need shelter, sex, food, good health, morals and hope if we are to survive. However, love takes us beyond mere survival and lifts us to a place where we have the opportunity to thrive in life; all you need is love.

Health Tip – why do we overeat?

We all know that stress, boredom and other emotional issues can lead to overeating. But scientists tell us that vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids help to keep appetite under control. When vitamin D levels are low the hormone that helps to turn off your appetite doesn’t work. Low levels of omega 3 fatty acids can alter insulin control, increasing hunger. We also need to pay attention to other nutrients such as chromium, which balances blood sugar. Broccoli and eggs help to ensure adequate amounts of chromium.

The best source of vitamin D is about fifteen minutes of sunshine at high noon. The best sources for getting both vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid are to eat fish such as salmon and herring, as well as shell fish and egg yolks.

Overeating is as much a nutritional issue as it is an emotional issue. Eating nutritionally poor foods leaves the body unnourished. The body’s survival mechanism is to instill the urge to eat more in hopes of getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and satiated. Eat a well-balanced meal and overeating will be easy to master. Now add:

An Attitude of Gratitude – Did you know that simply stating something you are grateful for before you begin to eat can improve your eating choices? Take a moment, close your eyes take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I am grateful for________________.” Then enjoy your meal and be grateful you have the opportunity to eat healthy foods. Much of the world is starving. Open your heart and be grateful!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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