Welcome The New Season With These Five Changes

Are you ready for a new season? Need a reason to start creating your Best life today? How about starting with gratitude and working your way up from there. If you have been following the news you are seeing pretty much the ugly side of Mother Nature and yet another Ugly side of Mr. Trump. With all this negative energy in the air, I thought it would be a good idea to start shifting that energy in another direction.

Soon we will be entering the last quarter of 2017 and I want you to ask yourself...Have I accomplished what I set out to do this year? If your answer is yes, Congratulations. If your answer is no then don't be discouraged we have some time yet. I know I personally can sure use it. I set some pretty high goals for myself early on in the year but had some bumps along the way I didn't expect.

My grandmother transitioned and with that change came a new awareness of my families disconnect and even more affirmation that family is what you build not necessarily what you were born into. My daughter's college run didn't end in exactly four years as I had planned and that reminded me to go with the flow and remember that plans change and that is totally ok. Then I had my Abdominal Hernia Surgery and that just blew me away. I hadn't expected my recovery to be the journey it has been but I am doing well, I am coming along and I took care of a problem that could have gotten worse had I allowed more time to pass.

During this time I have been reading a lot and listening to some great Podcasts and observing my surroundings and found myself making small changes that are helping my focus for this new Season. I think they will help in my continued investment in Creating my Best Life so here they are:

  • Reduce your time on Social Media -seems we encounter the opposite and we are encouraged to have a huge SM presence especially if you run a business or want to start a business but I found that once I reduced my presence I became more productive in all areas of my life and got back to investing my energy on intention. We are not missing out if we don't check our feeds, but we are missing out if we are busy looking down instead of looking up.
  • Less talk More action -wanting to share the things we are working on or the changes we want to make is a natural first reaction. Who doesn't want to share great news? Well actually those that feel actions speak for themselves, that's who. Buiding a great support system in any project is awesome but make sure that you are taking daily steps to reach those goals before your talk just becomes empty noise.
  • One change at a time -it is not an easy task to correct poor habits so imagine the stress of changing more than one at a time. Begin to use the trickling effect, map out your goal and see the things you need to do to get that goal accomplished. For example; if your goal is to lose weight change your perspective to wanting to create a healthier lifestyle and start with changing the plate size you use at home or implement not eating your snacks from the bag they came in but instead use a small bowl or cup.
  • Use a Timer -our time is valuable and if you have kids you know how quickly it runs away when you have several things to do so use a timer. Use it to monitor your time again on Social Media, this will allow you to see how much time you waste on the gossip sites or just Web browsing. Use a timer when you are on a phone call with the chatting Aunt or In-Laws. The sooner you end that call, the sooner you put the kids to bed, the sooner you can invest in  Me time which brings me to...
  • Self-Care -I can't stress enough the importance of Self-Care and all the benefits that go along with it. I found my practice of Self-Care to especially come in handy during my Grandmother's transition and my two weeks at home after surgery. I didn't check emails, I didn't watch the news, I was off all my Social Media and I hardly talked. I took the time my mind and body told me I needed in order to heal and I focused only on myself. I allowed those around me that were helping me during these times to take care of the rest. I let go of control and treated myself with the kindness needed during stressful times.

These are simple changes, nothing too elaborate but with such amazing results. I'd love to hear from you let me know what we are getting ready to do this Fall and what preparations we are making for the end of the year.

Always stress-free xo,


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