Do You Want to Live Your Best Life Possible?

We have a choice as to how we view the world. We should learn to see the world as filled with limitless possibilities and potentials and approach life with enthusiasm, wonder and awe.

How would you feel if you knew that you had the power to change your life and your future? What if you become aware that you can control what you think and what you feel? How would you respond to things? What would your ‘story’ be?

Have you heard of the saying, “Change your story, change your life”? It is all about what role you choose to play in life- where you choose to focus your attention and what you are prepared to do to create the life and future you truly desire.

What’s stopping you?

Below are the usual reasons that stop many of us from pursuing our goal of an incredible and successful life:

  • Our limiting beliefs
  • What we were brought up to believe and accept as true
  • Our predetermined thoughts
  • Our ability to ‘settle’ for less (especially if we are ‘comfortable’ and we don’t have an absolute need to change our circumstances/life);
  • Our limiting emotional or behavioral patterns

Growth and contribution are the ultimate human needs. If we stop growing (as in personal growth) and do not feel that we contribute, we become creatures of habit and ultimately this is both unsatisfying and unrewarding for us. There is no fulfillment in remaining stagnant.

It only takes a small pebble to create ripples!

I want you to know how little it takes to make huge improvements in your life. Just think about what happens when you throw a pebble into a pond – it only takes one small pebble to create ripples that reach the edge of the pond, but you have to throw that pebble in order to make anything happen.

To create that ripple:

  • Find your true purpose in life- what brings you joy, empowers you and energizes you to have a life filled with more meaning and more fulfillment?
  • Use your character strengths- what you are naturally good at, what gifts do you have to pursue your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)?

Whether you know it or not, how you feel affects what happens to you. Your attitude and emotions contribute to the kind of results you are going to get. Even when life is tough and negative things are happening, you can turn this around by changing how you feel by using gratitude. Think of all the positive things, people, and events that you are thankful for. Maintain a good posture (do not slump, this too affects how you feel) and put on some music that you like and get your body moving. This will do wonders for your mood, and you will soon notice that good things start overtaking the bad.

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