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How to Upgrade the Basic Features of Your Home

Remodeling your home can be quite a chore. It not only costs a lot, but the time and effort you have to sink into it is immense. However, you don't have to call a contractor or save a ton of money to afford it. There are very simple ways to make your living space feel brand new.

Walls and Floors

The most noticeable parts of your house are walls and floors, so adding something to make them pop is quite beneficial. For instance, baseboard molding tends to make your walls and floor look more expensive. Actually installing baseboard molding is quite a chore, but there is a simple way to make it look like you did. Adding a thin trim a few inches above your baseboard and painting between them gives the illusion you spent hours and lots of money on it.

Wood floors can be improved with the addition of throw rugs. Find rugs that match your color scheme and distribute them around the room, usually in front of each armchair, and one in the middle of the floor under the coffee table. Adding a rug to your entryway can also make walking into your home feel fresh and new.

Most people paint their walls one color, but with the use of painter's tape and a little creativity, you can add colorful designs to your walls. For the ambitious and artistic, painting a mural on the wall is a surefire way to catch anyone's attention.

One of the details about your walls that often gets overlooked are switchplates, the covers around your electrical outlets. By adding paint or a clever design to them you can make them stylish and pop from your walls.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are some of the most used features of your home, so why not make them look better or add a new function? You can replace old looking solid doors that lead outside with glass doors, or turn flat panel interior doors into mirrored doors by gluing glass to them. Doors can also be upgraded by changing out the handles, locks, and hinges, adding new detail.

Windows can be spruced up by changing up their coverings. If you have vertical blinds, switch to horizontal blinds. If you have half curtains, go for full curtains. Painting the window frames either a different solid color or adding a texture or design can cause the windows to pop and look far more interesting.

Furniture, Stairs, and Fixtures

You can change the way your furniture looks and feels in your home without buying all new furniture. Simply rearranging the furniture to give the room a new perspective. Adding furniture covers also add color and nuance to the room. Giving your coffee table and end tables a fresh coat of stain and finish can reinvigorate their details and make them look new again.

Stairs often get overlooked when remodeling your home, so giving them some attention gives your home another added dimension. Add stair brackets or add a colorful rug that flows down the stairs, making your stairs seem dynamic and interesting. Re-staining the wood on the banister and steps can renew the wood's vigor and luster.

Fixtures like lights and ceiling fans can be upgraded as well. Painting your ceiling fan blades gives them more detail even while the fan is on. Mounted light fixtures can be painted as well.

Remodeling your house does not have to take long or cost a lot. Simple, subtle changes can change a room or even an entire house into something that seems brand new.

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