The Truth About Getting To The Next Level

The Truth About Getting To The Next Level - Let Go And Let GOD Have His Way

Be open for a moment and realize that this doesn't just apply to a relationship between a man and woman. It applies to everything and anything around you, in life, which you can possibly think about. It applies to all the things that hold you down, hold you back, keep you stagnant, inhibits your progress, hinders improvement, staggers your growth and cripples your success.

You may not want to, because you want it so bad. You struggle with letting it go, or forgetting about it and you haven’t found comfort in doing without it just yet. Although, it’s the very reason, that you can’t move on. You tussle with the concept of being persistent versus giving up, when it comes to things you want. You are at odds with your heart and your head, because there is confusion about going for what you want rather than cutting ties, closing books, closing chapters being done, when it comes to people.

It's a tough situation to be in- knowing that the major setbacks you are enduring, may be traced back to something that YOU are holding on to. There’s something, someone or a situation, that you can't let go of. Things that may not adhere to, or comply with the life we want to live, such as: excessive drinking, clubbing, excessive spending, cheating, sex, drugs, bad eating habits, a boy/girlfriend, your ex, your marriage, your divorce, insecurities, your job and the hardest of all; the people in your life, who may even be family. That’s the hardest, because we live though our own meanings from biblical translations, which have caused us to become affixed on the idea that we can't walk away from family... never realizing that in sum, you're not walking away from family- you're walking away from a setback.

I know first-hand, that it’s challenging to move past something's, if they are present. I don't even think it's possible to do, in most cases. You can only leave the past behind, when it's in the past. So, what I'm saying is, if there's anything that's in the past, or if it's anything that you can literally step away from today right now and make it the past, do it! Do it today, right now. Don't wait on tomorrow. Don't look for a verbal exit or a letter to explain it. Just do it. Then, you can deal with the present and focus on moving toward things that can help to put those things behind you. If you have control over that much, you can do it.

I say this, because I know first-hand. I loathe seeing things that people put themselves through, because I bane to see people imprison themselves. I detest people who complain about situations that they have complete control over, when I know that there are situations in the world, which others are fighting with their last breath of life- for a chance, a door, a window, and the first opportunity, to escape from.  They truly can't, so long as it is a present situation, that they can absolutely do nothing about until it runs its course.

None of the above is an easy feat, and by no means, do I mean to imply that they are. I'm here to encourage someone so that I too, can continue to be encouraged and believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But that there's no way to see it if you keep stopping to entertain a past, a bruise, a beat down, a curse, a naysayer, a hater, an addiction, an affliction, and things that you've addressed and moved on from, or things that you can overcome with a little courage and confidence, along with a little self-improvement, in the self-empowering direction and belief that you can absolutely rise from the ashes. You can absolutely let go- you can absolutely move on. You are better than your situation. You are worth it and worthy of happiness.

You need to step into your greatness, by stepping out of and away from those things which are holding you bound to a past, a feeling of doubt and discouraging thoughts, move away from people who do not inspire and motivate you. Cling to those who have your best interest at heart. They will keep you grounded and will be real and honest. They know just what to say and how to say it in the process. Don't make it hard for those who are trying to do this for you, by being resistant to the intervention and rejecting the information.

Take the first step: This part, is your responsibility. It’s your solo homework, to be willing to do this first.

If it means going to your closet to burn everything that reminds you of your past, your last job, or your last relationship: that time you were in the hospital, that time you were homeless, that time you had to work for a temp agency, that time you had only a dollar to your name, that time your wife left you and never came back, that time that you found numbers in your partners clothes that traced to an affair, that time you found out your wife slept with your friend, that time your husband told you he was a homosexual, that time your ex husband/wife showed up with their new partner, that time your kid told you that he loves mommy boyfriend, that time your ex-wife made a business decision without you, that time you waited only to find out that your significant other never made it out of surgery, that time you found out you were not a priority in your significant others life, that time you paid all the bills, just to find out that your wife still wanted a divorce, that time you found out that your mistress was conspiring with your wife, that time you were denied unemployment or disability, or that time you and your best friend fell out, that time that you had to sell your home because of the divorce, that time your child failed his test, that time your child decided they didn't want to live with you, that time your mother told you that you need to stop drinking, that time you got so drunk that you couldn't make it home, that time you walked in on your ex cheating, that time the police were called and treated you badly, that time you were handed the short end of the stick in court, that time you found out your attorneys and the judge were conspiring against you, that time your attorney ripped you off, that time your ex set you up, told lies on you and brought your life to a screeching halt.

These things, and whatever they are to you... whatever you are sub-consciously or consciously holding on to, are ground zero for growth; if you do not use them to move forward - instead of allowing them to hold you back.

If and only if you have moved on and want to continue to move further and further away from these things, you must let them go. You must extract the lesson and the positive message, from the overall experience.

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