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Top 5 Cars Retiring Baby Boomers Can Buy

Most baby boomers are in the retirement age, and that means some things have to change – including cars. Moreover, this generation likes to purchase new cars. Baby boomers like living independently and one icon of the freedom would be a car.

Different considerations to make when buying a car include mileage, affordability, social status and, auto insurance costs. Here is a list of top five cars that are perfect for baby boomers. Don't worry at all since none of the cars will make you look over 40.

1) Subaru Forester XT

The Subaru Forester XT is ideal for aging drivers who have to deal with snow for some few months in a year. This auto is an all-wheel drive and is a perfect crossover. It has a low ride height making it easy to enter and exit the sedan. It's great visibility combined with the standard reverse camera makes it easy for you to keep updated on your surroundings. Other features that have been added to this Subaru's StarLink package include automatic braking, rear cross-traffic, and blind spot detection. All these features and more make this auto safer for the Boomers generation.

2) Hyundai Azera

Although full-size sedans may not be currently very popular as they used to be, there are some outstanding models out there. The Hyundai Azera is an example of those cars at the top of this list. This car has numerous standard features such as dual-zone climate control, cooled and heated leather seats, 8-inch touchscreen, and many others, which would cost a lot when installed in more expensive luxury cars. The car has high marks on reliability, a stellar safety record as well as one of the greatest warranties (10 years or 100,000 miles) in the industry. With this model, you can grab a highway cruiser that is not only classy but will also deliver a trouble-free driving experience for many years.

3) 2017 Toyota Camry

Toyota cars are always praised by boomers because they are less pricey, offer efficient fuel economy, and are practical. One of the best cars Boomers can rely on would be the 2017 Toyota Camry. The Baby boomers put the Toyota brand on the U.S map and the Camry is always a preferred choice. This sedan is reliable, safe, and affordable. Remember that the Camry 2018 will be sportier compared to other previous models. In case you are shopping for a midsize car, you should obviously opt for this car.

4) Chrysler 300C Platinum

Although the Chrysler 300C traces its roots back to 2004, this auto's clean and upright looks have enabled the car to stand out more, a decade later. Coming with a luxurious interior, users can easily spend hours in this range with old-school V8 and V6 engines and a touchscreen – the Chrysler 300 is a proof that the American classic car formula is still doing great. Note that the car might seem a bit pricey, but with its style, the cost is worth it. Other cars with similar features cost double that price.

5) 2017 Kia Soul Turbo

Drivers who desire a tall ride height but don't want to opt for something that's too big should opt for the Kia Soul Turbo. The Kia Soul provides a lot of internal space as well as easy entry/ exit, having grown from a funky econobox into a cool and versatile hatchback. It may have either a 1.6-2.0 liter engines that are both peppy and economical. It's price too won't make you break the bank.

Being a baby boomer doesn't mean that your life should be boring. Get ready to have some fun by getting any of these cars depending on your needs and budget.