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Tips for Professionals Looking for Gigs

If you currently consult, or are thinking about joining the gig economy – characterized by freelance work or short-term contracts as opposed to permanent work—LinkedIn ProFinder is a great resource. As I ventured from a longstanding career in the corporate world to starting up my own career-coaching business this past year, networking was a key element to my success. I was lucky to have a large and robust network to start with, but as every entrepreneur knows, growth is dependent upon continuous outreach and the ability to venture into new territory.

LinkedIn ProFinder was a valuable resource in jumpstarting my business, EverythingSmart. What’s more, it was easy to get started! A devoted LinkedIn user, I was an early adapter as I knew how impactful the site was in terms of connecting with professionals and sharing critical career information. I set up a ProFinder profile, and the rest was history.

The queries from potential clients started to pour in on a daily basis and have continued. I choose which queries I wish to respond to based on fit, share some details about my background and business, and provide a general quote for the work requested. Potential clients receive up to five proposals which they get to review, and then it is up to them to follow up and coordinate initial conversations. LinkedIn provides consultants with updates via email when their proposals are reviewed by potential clients, so that you don’t have to wonder if your proposal was looked at. As with all business endeavors, sometimes there’s a match, and other times there’s not.

The LinkedIn Profinder platform allows professionals from a wide variety of spaces to promote their expertise: design, accounting, writing and editing, marketing, legal, IT services, business consulting, real estate, insurance, software development, photography, events, and financial services just to name a few. For a more detailed list, visit

Quality Guaranteed

LinkedIn is looking for quality professionals to join their ProFinder team. That means that if they give you a green light, they are promoting you as the best of the best in your field of expertise, which takes some of the guesswork out of potential client’s decision on whether or not to partner with you.

From the client side, if you are in search of services, you just share on LinkedIn what you need, and the ProFinder folks distribute your proposal to relevant professionals, based on skill and location. Typically, you will receive up to five free proposals to choose from. You also get to look up each expert's LinkedIn profile so that you are able to hire a pro with confidence.

The best part? Whether you are a ProFinder expert offering services or a client in search of services, LinkedIn’s ProFinder services are free!

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