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Tips For Keeping A Clean Home This Winter

Four Tips for Keeping a Clean Wintertime Home

Winter is a favorite time of year for many of us, filled with holiday cheer, skating, skiing, and long nights cuddled up by the fireplace with cups of hot cocoa. However, these colder days are typically spent indoors, tangled up in comforters and blankets, in a sealed-off home that is gathering dust, topped off by a floor marked with fresh snow and mud tracks daily. While the latter thought is not as picturesque, there are many ways that you can keep your home in tip-top shape all winter. Here are a few friendly suggestions:

Winter-proof your Entry Way

Your entryway is the first and only point-of-contact that all visitors will walk through. As such, you need to find a method to keep winter slush and dirt at bay before it corrupts other areas of your house. There are several ways to do this. You can install a boot scraper or an outdoor mat made from the toughest materials available for shoe cleansing purposes.

You may consider adding a bench especially for removing soiled boots and shoes from guests’ feet, complete with an adjacent rack for hanging wet footwear to dry. While many people are hesitant when it comes to leaving their shoes at the door, it is a common practice in areas that are prone to excessive snow, and it is now considered a socially-acceptable request.

Also, if you have a cat or dog that tends to go outdoors in any type of weather, it is probably best to keep a fresh towel by the door to clean the bottoms of their paws before they track mud throughout your home.

Pay Close Attention to Floors

In the winter time, you will need to step up your sweeping and vacuuming. Also, through tile and grout cleaning will keep your floors in tip-top shape at all times. After all, tracked in dirt, salt, and sand can do a number on your carpets, as well as scratch up ceramic tiles and plastic flooring in kitchens and bathrooms.

Sometimes it is actually better to place a long runner or throw rug in a high-traffic area to cut down on floor and carpet damage. Shaking out a rug outside, is, after all, a much simpler chore than keeping your wall-to-wall carpeting pristine or daily sweeping and mopping.

Another winter advantage would be to have a carpet and upholstery cleaner on hand rather than renting one periodically. Many of these nasty, seasonal mud stains can be easily removed with the proper equipment always on hand. Just be sure to read the labels on your furniture and follow directions accordingly.

Safeguard Your Upholstery

Speaking of upholstery, it is a good idea to vacuum all upholstered furniture often to remove food particles and dirt granules prior to them seeping into your precious fabrics. And, don’t forget to flip chairs, sofas, and beds around and take the time to vacuum the undersides of the pieces, as well sweeping and vacuuming the floors underneath them. Dust covers sewn into your furniture’s bases should catch dirt, hair, and dust bunnies, making it easy to simply vacuum them away. Also, take the time to thoroughly wash all blankets and comforters at least once a month to free them from odors, grime, and dust.

Free Your Home from Germ Havens

In many parts of the country, winter is cold and flu season and keeping your family healthy often starts with keeping your surfaces at home free from fungi, viruses, and bacteria. And, there are actually some places in the home that can become rampant breeding grounds for all kinds of germs, and unfortunately, those areas often go neglected, even during a thorough home-cleaning.

Start with your kitchen. You should disinfect inside your dishwasher door, as well as the interior shelves and walls of your refrigerator and microwave oven. After allowing your oven and stove top surfaces to sufficiently cool, take the time to wipe up any spills immediately to prevent the growth of bacteria. You should also take all wastebaskets outside and hose them down. Then disinfect them to keep diseases and mold at bay.

Don’t forget other inconspicuous areas of the home known to teem with germs that are almost never cleaned. These include keyboards, phone receivers, and door knobs. Running a disinfectant wipe over their surfaces should do the trick. Taking the time to follow these pointers should keep your home tidy and your household healthy during the long, dark winter. Who says that cleaning is only a springtime tradition?