How To Time Manage Your Way Back To Happiness

Sounds like a bold statement doesn’t it, surely time management will be a tricky creature to tame!? Well it is, but there is some hope to be able to achieve this……

I started blogging to have an escape and hobby away from my job and the normal stresses that having my chosen career brought my way. Never in a million years did I realise how time-consuming blogging would be. However, for me at least, it is not stressful at all and thankfully it is amazingly relaxing and enjoyable. So even though it’s a great relaxer, it does mean that there are even more things on my plate.

Whether you’re a parent, blogger, career person, stay at home parent, student, none, or a mixture of all of those labels, I bet you all have times when you’ve been juggling loads of tasks and you feel at bursting point.

I have been on quite a few time management workshops over the years to glean a basic understanding of what I should be doing to ease things up with my workload. That doesn’t mean that I always get it right but I do have a couple of tips that you may well find useful.

Do you sometimes struggle with all the things you have to juggle?

Plan Plan Plan – then when the unexpected jumps out at you, which it normally does, you’ve got some idea of where you were in the day before it all went crazy.

Have ‘thinking’ time – time taken at any point during the day that you can just think about what needs to be done and try to put it into some sort of order. Write in a journal if it helps, or on your phone, whatever you use for jotting things down.

When people offer help, say yes! It can be a big hurdle to overcome but generally when people offer then they mean it. Say yes once in a while and feel the difference it can have on you.

My favourite and the one which has the biggest positive effect on me is….Whether it’s bills, kids letters home from school, letters at home…..touch them only once! Try and carry out all the necessary action with it. It may be to book the dentist appointment or phone in the electric reading. Get it sorted out, then file or bin it. This is by far my biggest time saver and also the one that needs the most willpower to succeed.

Finally, remember – You’re not superhuman, you can rest! Ease up on yourself and celebrate what you have achieved.

There is always tomorrow….

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Mainy is a mum blogger from the U.K. She lives on the south coast with her 2 children and partner.