The Gift of Being Needed

Per usual, I am thankful that my success as a momma is not measured by the number of hours I sleep.


She woke up around midnight. Sad, out of sorts. Maybe it was a bad dream, or maybe she was just restless.

Mommy, I need you to hold me.

Oh precious little girl. Yes. Always, always yes. You are three and so proud of how big you are. You remind me of (and assert) your independence at nearly every turn these days. So, yes. Yes I will hold you when you are sad. Or scared. Or lonely. Or tired.

Someday it will be the last time you need me to hold you until you fall asleep, and I probably won't realize it. And that thought breaks my heart a little. Or maybe a lot.

What a gift it is to still be needed by this fiercely independent and feisty girl.

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