Surprising Explanations For Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

When we are dieting and exercising, yet the number on the scale is not going down, it can be extremely frustrating. We often wonder what we are doing wrong. If you are making a vigorous attempt to lose weight, and it is just not happening, keep reading for some surprising reasons why your efforts don't seem to be working.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This condition that affects women often goes undiagnosed. It can also be hindering your weight loss efforts. Many women with this condition are overweight and have difficulty losing extra pounds.

Talk To Your Doctor About All Medications You Are Taking

If you have been trying to lose weight with no success, talk to your doctor about any prescription medications that you take. Many medications can make it difficult to shed unwanted pounds, even with diet and exercise. Your doctor can address your concerns and advise you of the best way to proceed.

Evaluate Your Stress Levels

Take a look at your daily routine, and ask yourself if you are constantly stressed. Is work or another aspect of life causing an extreme burden? If so, this could be hindering your weight loss efforts, due to the release of cortisol in your body. You may want to talk to a doctor about the best way to manage stress so it doesn't affect your health.

Mindless Eating

Often times, when we keep track of what we eat, we only take into consideration the meals we actually sit down for. Are you randomly grabbing a few potato chips here and there, and not counting the calories? Or, do you take a few pieces of candy from the candy bowl at work when you walk by it each day, and not give it a second thought? These mindless calories can be adding up and having a negative effect on your weight loss goals. Make a conscious effort to count the calories for every bite of food that you take, regardless of how small it is.


Ask yourself how much you really move. If you have a job that requires you to sit for most of the day, you need to find a way to get in that much-needed exercise during non-working hours. Do you always take the elevator? Take the stairs instead! Use your lunch break to take a brisk walk. Find ways to incorporate exercise into your day.

Read Nutrition Labels Carefully

Many times, we think we are eating something healthy when we are actually doing just the opposite. Sugar and other unhealthy ingredients are hiding in many foods, sometimes in other forms, such as high fructose corn syrup. Read all of your nutrition labels carefully and make sure you know exactly what you are consuming.

Could It Be Your Thyroid?

In addition to having difficulty losing weight, do you find yourself constantly tired, depressed, or just out of it? If so, you could be suffering from hypothyroidism, when the thyroid gland is underactive. Your doctor can diagnose this condition with a simple blood test, and it can be treated accordingly. Speak to your physician if you think this may be the problem.


The important thing to remember is that if you are having difficulty losing weight, you are not alone and help is available. You don't have to let the extra pounds negatively affect your life. If you have been dieting and exercising with no results, review your lifestyle to see if you are making a mistake with your weight loss efforts. If necessary, speak to your doctor for help.