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Satisfying Snacks That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself. In fact, cutting too many calories may lead to binge-eating which certainly won't help you lose weight. Having an occasional treat is a perfectly appropriate part of a healthy diet. Eating a healthy snack in the middle of the day can boost your mood, give you the energy you need to exercise and prevent you from overeating when mealtime comes. Whether you are craving something sweet or savory, here are some super-healthy treats that you can feel good about.

Sweet Treats

If your sweet tooth is calling, don't reach for a treat high in fat and sugar. There are better options that can satisfy your need to indulge. Coconut flour brownies are so rich and delicious and provide all of the chocolate that you crave. Coconut flour is a great source of protein that contains more calorie-free fiber than wheat flours. A handful of dark chocolate and almonds can also bring a little bit of sweetness to your day while providing you with antioxidants which can lower your risk for some diseases such as Alzheimer's, some cancers and heart disease. If you're not in the mood for chocolate, try a bowl of greek yogurt mixed with berries. Greek yogurt is a nutrient-dense superfood that includes probiotics, protein and a great dose of calcium. Steer clear of the sugar and instead use berries to add a little sweetness. Berries have many health benefits, including keeping your mind sharp as you age. Anthocyanins, the same compound which gives berries their vibrant colors, also appear to protect against age-related mental decline.

Savory Snacks

Sometimes you need a hearty, savory snack to get through the day. Olives to the rescue! Olives are a staple of the healthy Mediterranean diet for a good reason. Eating olives can reduce inflammation, protect against cancer, improve immune function and combat ulcers. Kale chips are another great savory snack. You can make your own at home or choose a prepackaged variety as a healthy alternative to potato chips. Kale chips offer high amounts of vitamins and minerals and low amounts of calories, sodium and fat. A simple hard-boiled egg is the perfect package of healthy fats and powerful protein, making it an ideal savory snack. With high levels of Vitamins A and D, a hard-boiled egg can protect your eyes and support healthy bones. You can boil a batch of them at the beginning of the week so you'll have a healthy snack ready when you need it. Sprinkle them with a little hot sauce for an added kick!

Quick and Easy Bites

If you're having a crazy day and can hardly find a minute to sit down, don't reach for something unhealthy. There are lots of healthy options that require no preparation and won't wreck your diet. Throw a piece of fruit in your bag and thank yourself later. Fruits that are easy to tote around and eat on the go include bananas, apples, grapefruit, and oranges. The natural sweetness of fruits can keep cravings for sugar at bay, and their high fiber content makes them the perfect healthy snack. Mixed nuts are also a healthy choice that travels well. You can buy pre-portioned bags to keep in your purse or briefcase or portion them out yourself into Ziploc baggies. This will also help you from overindulging. Nuts can help lower your cholesterol and contain many valuable vitamins and nutrients. Beef jerky is another portable snack that doesn't require refrigeration. Be sure to choose a beef jerky made from grass-fed beef and with as few ingredients as possible to ensure that you are making a healthy choice.

Armed with these healthy options, you never need to feel like you are deprived when on a diet. As long as you practice healthy portion control, you can achieve your goals while indulging a little too.