Red Carpets, Rewards & A New Year For You To Be…

Red Carpets, Rewards and A New Year: If you wouldn’t invite it to your intimate award ceremony, don’t invite it into your new year.

In Mid-December I decided to take a break from all my blogs to focus and give way for the New Year to arrive. Not because I had some profound New Year Resolution, but because long ago I decided that whenever there was a need to change things, alter things, assess situations, for the sake of drawing nearer to conclusions and desired results for things such as: weight loss, friendships, career moves, life decisions, that I would do it at the time that I had the revelation, instead of waiting until the turn of a new year.

Those few weeks before the new year was like preparing for the Oscars. Production for the Oscars get underway several days, even weeks before the actual award ceremony. That’s because every detail is meticulously calculated down to the positioning of the red carpet, lighting, sound, special effects, performances, presentations, arrivals, interviews, photo ops and the timing of it all. It’s very well thought out and carefully streamline for the success of the program. Why not put the same production into how you welcome your New Year and all that will unfold? … (This can occur mid-year).

If you think about the expression, Time Waits For No Man, you can understand why this is necessary. If you need to start eating better and living a healthy life, why wait another 365 days or another 30-60-90 days. The time is now. All those things which I thought needed to be changed, I made a concerted effort early on, to change and it made it less overwhelming when the New Year came. I was already feeling better about life choices, regarding healthy living, ridding myself of toxic people, avoiding repetitious mistakes, giving up old habits and forming as well as establishing or revisiting relationships that were worth-while.

In that last two weeks of December, it was about listening to my inner voice and being extremely quiet during this time, so that I could hear and be receptive to the answers. It was about meditating on how to move forward. It was thinking consciously about the turn I would take, so that I would be ready when the time came for me to walk down the red carpet, take my place on the stage, give my acceptance speech and receive my reward.

In this time, I pondered the idea of: Closing Chapters. I know, it’s so Cliché.

Sometimes we close a chapter too soon because we don’t want to talk about certain situations and we don’t want to share what is taking place in our life. We don’t want to address it and we think if we just ignore it, it will mysteriously disappear. When, we are suppressing and going into denial. It’s almost like not giving proper attention and nourishment to wounds, by which we are left with a nasty and infectious scar. We ignore the truths about the healing process and how to achieve it.

The healing process is also a preparation process and it requires tending to those wounds rather than covering with a band-aid. The healing process we choose can vary across the board. Healing can come in the form of many therapeutic expressions such as writing about it, talking about it, crying or screaming it out as well as undergoing the auditing process, hypnosis, re-channeling energy, going on sabbaticals, or even taking a break from the world around us for a moment to recollect and gather ourselves. At any rate, it’s preparation for a new you. The sole intent for healing is so that you can emerge a new you, a better you and a you that you can be happy with. I promise that was not a Dr. Seuss quote. lol.

Then… sometimes we don’t close chapters soon enough and so our writing and speech becomes redundant, as the pain lingers. In those times, we don’t know that in entertaining those very subjects in those chapters of the past, we are giving a space for pain to continue to exist. We are allowing disease to manifest into a monster within. When I looked back to see that I was sharing the same information over and over to the point that it lost its bang, I knew that it was time to move on.

At the same time, I do believe that there’s a need to continue to share timeless information because it reaches the masses and causes a ripple that’s needed to effectively alter the world around us. But regarding topics that concern specific matters related to certain people, whom deserve no more time and energy, it doesn’t deserve to be on your red carpet.

Something I have learned about talking about specific people is that the longer you talk about them, the longer they remain relevant and the longer they occupy space and time in your life. That space could be occupied with something more meaningful that gives you life instead of death. If you wouldn’t invite it to your intimate award ceremony, don’t invite it into your new year. It’s ok to give it the proper acknowledgement for it being a contributing factor in your growth through trial, but other than that, leave it outside on the side walk with all the other people who couldn’t afford to get front row seats.

The people who are invited to these prestigious, social events such as the Oscars, who have name plates and assigned seating, are the important ones. They are ones who will be recognized, whom have made significant impacts … (Pause, to reflect on who those people are to you) Others, are the ones who care enough about and have a vested interest in the ceremony to the point that they will pay the price that is cost to be in attendance. Stop giving free passes and discounts and concessions to those less-deserving of occupying a space at your award ceremony. (IE: Life)

So, What Now?

Check your inbox and dispose of the trash. Be mindful of what you let through. Emails have tabs for spam, important mail, VIP and even has a block feature. Use them accordingly. (I mean this in a literal sense – apply this to your life) Send invites to those who you want to be surround by in your success and journey. You are a collective of all the things you invite and entertain in your life.

This is when you decide for yourself how you would like to present yourself to the world. Decide if you even want a red carpet at all. You may want a blue one. Lol. Whatever you want. You set the stage, the tone, the atmosphere. You are the creative director of your presentation and production. Take control of how you will be represented and what you will or will not allow at your ceremony.

Decide for yourself if there are chapters that need to be closed or not. Decide how you will end the chapter and begin a new one. Decide if you will change or rewrite the story of your life. Decide for yourself if there is a need to scrap the entire book for a hard cover or soft cover. Decide for yourself what you will share, what you will not share and what will be edifying to your spirit and how it may or may not create that ripple that you want. Decide if yourself if its beneficial for you to assist people through your story or seek assistance through your story.

In closing, I think it’s important to mention that it’s not to late to make a change to what you have been doing in your life that desperately needs to be changed. It doesn’t matter that you did not do it on January 1st, 2018, so long as you recognize it now, today, whatever day it is that you have your revelation that once you change that one thing, you can potentially redirect your future and place yourself on a path to receive all the rewards and awards that you deserve. Just make sure the right people are there.

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