How to become a Preferred Blogger?

Do you have compelling content on your blog? Are you an influential blogger in terms of your social reach and the proven quality of your followers?

Achieving Preferred Blogger status in the SheSavvy Community means that you can link blog articles from your own blog directly within the SheSavvy frame resulting in more exposure.

We look for influential bloggers who can create interesting discussion topics and contribute valuable insight into a wide range of issues. If you have an expertise in any one of our featured topics we would be excited to hear how you can advance the conversation and engage our audience.

To Qualify as a Preferred Blogger:

  • Here are some of the criteria required in order to qualify as a Preferred Blogger:
  • Write compelling and engaging content
  • Have an engaged audience (this is more about quality than quantity)
  • Have posted at least 25 articles on SheSavvy
  • No Pop-ups or excessive ads on your blog
  • No self promotion or advertising in your articles
  • We accept bloggers from around the world


Benefits of Being a Preferred Blogger:

  • Direct traffic to your site
  • Features on the front page
  • Expand your online influence
  • Grow your social audience
  • Become a SheSavvy expert contributor

If you are interested in becoming a Preferred Blogger and you have met these criteria, please contact us at