Our Team

Paige L. White

Paige currently serves as President of SheSavvy. Her experience includes implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations, Community Engagement to assist building ongoing and permanent relationships, affiliate relations, marketing and brand strategy. Paige has also served as EVP of Business Development and Affiliate Relations for an e-commerce based toxic free living company as well as Executive Vice President in the consumer goods and entertainment industry.


Benjamin Platt, CPA, MBA

Ben is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners be successful. As a founder, partner, or owner of more than twenty businesses, he has deep personal experience with what it takes to define success in business, and achieve it. Ben’s background is in public accounting where he has been a partner of a large, local firm since 2002. Leveraging what he learned from working with hundreds of small business owners, he has chosen to pour his energy and experience now into businesses, like SheSavvy, that are well positioned for growth and provide other business owners access to technology or resources that can facilitate their success.


Montoya Miller
Influence Network Manager

Montoya currently holds the position of Influence Network Manager at SheSavvy. Her experience includes connecting influencers with clients and overseeing effective campaigns that help clients increase their brand awareness, visibility and promote a positive brand image.



Kilty Brendan Cleary
Affiliate Network Director

Kilty brings an impressive and well-rounded career starting on the affiliate side with Commission Junction. He has also worked in Business Development & Sales for the last 10 years with companies such as Break Media, ValueClick, Advertising.com, and Q1Media.