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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – Act with PHIT

As a Naturopathic doctor my philosophy is prevention over cure. Living a healthy lifestyle creates a buffer against disease and other maladies. We all know the ingredients that make up a healthy lifestyle. However, most people find it difficult to maintain the momentum needed to support health which is the path of prevention over cure. What we need is an incentive.

The definition of prevention is to stop something before it happens. To cure is to relieve symptoms or disease once it has occurred. We can’t always rely on prevention to insulate us from disease, but we can take what is known as precautionary measures to circumvent many health problems. This is known as the precautionary principle. It means just because something isn’t present, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take precaution.

Yes, diet and exercise are the first line of defense against disease, but so are sunshine, rest, clean water and positive attitude. Without a positive healthy attitude it is impossible to prevent and even cure.

No drug or medicine known to humankind can rebuild tissue that has been damaged by disease. Only good nutrition has the power to rebuild the body. Every part of your body depends upon the fuel we feed it to operate at top efficiency.

Dr. Victor Rocine, a Norwegian homeopath in the 1930’s, believed that food along with exercise, sunshine, rest and a positive attitude were the best medicines known to humankind. Since the time of Hippocrates we have intuitively known the value of a healthy lifestyle, but the demands of modern day life has superimposed our intuitive consciousness with visons of quick fixes and panaceas.

Being a certified yoga therapist, certified Spin instructor and certified Fitness professional I have always been a big advocate of exercise. If I had to suggest two things that will keep you young, healthy and positive it is a healthy diet and exercise. So to my delight I recently read about the PHIT Act which is before congress.

PHIT stands for Personal Health Investment Today act. It is a bill before congress aimed at helping to reduce the obesity epidemic through physical fitness. According to the World Health Organization obesity is the fourth leading cause of death with prescription medication being the third leading cause. The CDC says that exercise is the closest we have to a “wonder drug”.

Congressional findings indicate that the U.S. ranks last in the world for reducing the number of preventable deaths resulting from obesity related disease. Nearly one-fifth of our school age children are categorized as overweight or obese. Research further supports that physical inactivity affects the brain and ability to learn.

PHIT is not a panacea for all our health issues, but it is a start. It is about prevention over cure. If passed, all Americans can place up to $1000 ($ 2000 for joint and head of household) in pre-tax medical accounts. These funds can be used for gym membership, exercise classes, yoga classes, yoga therapy and many other forms of physical activity and related expenses.

Now that’s what I call - an ounce of prevention over a pound of cure and a great incentive with a tax break to boot!   So get out, act and Vote!

Support PHIT and let’s beat the obesity epidemic!

Doctor Lynn

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