Social Media Fun Facts #2

The rate of change in the socialsphere means that every few months there are some hugely impressive social media fun facts popping up that are worth noting.

  1. A new mobile social user is added every twelve seconds. That’s roughly one million people activating social networks on a mobile device every day.
  2. Between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (which is owned by Facebook) 60 billion messages are processed each day.
  3. The average web user has over 5 active social media accounts.
  4. 82% of Millennials are active on Facebook.
  5. Over 85 % of Twitter users are accessing the platform primarily on a mobile device.
  6. Last year, social networks collected just over $8 billion in advertising revenue.
  7. When it comes to Fortune 500 companies, the majority are more active on Twitter (80%+) while only about a fifth are engaging users on Facebook.
  8. Over 95% of conversations about brands involve users that do not actually follow or engage with that brand on social media.
  9. Nearly 80% of users that complain about a brand or transaction want a response within one hour.
  10. 55% of web users watch video content online every day.
  11. Nearly 40% of Twitter users will buy from a brand that they follow on the network.
  12. Snapchat users watch more than 6 billion videos every day.
  13. 56 million blog posts are shared to WordPress websites every month (and this is one of them!).
  14. Close to 90% of all web searches around the world are done on Google.
  15. Nearly a fifth of all daily queries on Google are completely unique and have never been asked before.
  16. 92% of Pinterest users access the network primarily on a mobile device as opposed to a desktop.
  17. 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35.
  18. The average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn.
  19. Over 90% of the content shared on Pinterest is done by women.
  20. Just about one-third of the global population is active on some form of social media.

By T2 Marketing International

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