How To Make The Minutes Count Everyday

As we move in to fall and with daylight savings time upon us, I have been doing a lot of thinking about minutes.  Ever feel like the minutes just pass you by?  They do!  One thing we can always count on is time will just keep on ticking….if you are lucky.  : )  No one is immune from this time phenomenon we call life!   Often on my mind is how to make the most of every minute in my life.  How do we do that and still focus on everything else we need to do, especially as busy moms?   I have come up with 4 tips to help you make every minute count everyday!  Hope they help!

Ways To Make Every Minute Count



Eliminate Technology Distractions

Yes I am talking about social media and devices here.  I found that I was spending way too much time checking emails, notifications, statuses etc.  I would look up at the clock and an hour had passed and I really had nothing to say for it!  Don’t get me wrong, part of my job is being on the web so I have to maintain that part but I knew where I could eliminate.  Just pick 1 or 2 areas at first and see if that helps get you some of your time and minutes back.  If you feel it’s email, tell yourself you are only going to check email twice a day and follow through with it.  If your vice is Facebook and the constant need to connect, again, limit yourself to 2 sessions a day etc.  You will find you will free up a lot of time just eliminating technology distractions.  Hey, we limit our kids, why not ourselves?

Make Time, Not Anything Else

Yes making money and dinner and everything else you must make in life is important and necessary but how much time do you spend just “making time” for the things that are important and truly matter?  Sometimes it really is a conscious decision that you must make time for the things that matter.  Every Sunday I go through my calendar for the week and I “make time” for the things that are important.  It might be an event at my daughters school, a date night with my husband or family game night every Friday.  I pencil in and make those things happen.  Sure, things come up and life happens but if you find yourself always making excuses about not having “time” to do what really matters then its time to look again!  Make a conscious effort and decision to make time for the things that matter.  No it doesn’t matter if The Sopranos is having an all-day marathon, good try!  You will see your minutes start adding up when you try this!

Focus On Now

Yes life is happening right now, yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not happen yet.  What are you feeling, sensing and thinking NOW.  Being aware of that and living in the moment will help you make each minute count.  You will find that you remember the day and enjoy more of it.  Ask yourself a few times each day, “Am I using this minute the best way I can?”  “If I die today, was this minute or hour a good use of my time?”  If you find yourself answering NO to those questions then chances are, you are not making good use of your time!  Focus on now more of the time because life is happening NOW!

Focus On You

We all know if mama ain’t well, then no one is well! I have had days where there doesn’t seem to be enough minutes to do everything that needed to be done.  I found it was because I was foggy from not sleeping long enough and not eating the right kinds of food.  Being a Mom is hard and finding time to take care of yourself is especially hard, but you’ve got to make it happen!  When I eat right, exercise, get seven to eight hours of sleep each night then my body and mind are ready to take on the day and I can delegate and navigate all my daily tasks like a boss!  If you are not healthy, well nourished, and refreshed then how can you be productive at managing the minutes of your day?  So make time for you!  Even if it’s a few minutes each day!


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