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Looking Healthy: 5 Simple Tips To Improve Health

When operating in the public realm or working for a professional company, your personal appearance can be a valuable asset to both your employer and to your opportunity for advancement. Wardrobe fashion is a key component in creating your professional appearance, but it can also become quite expensive. If you're looking for simple ways to enhance your appearance beyond expensive clothes, try some of these tips that will not only make you more appealing but will make you more healthy.

Catch Your Zzz's

You'd be surprised to learn how the amount of sleep that you receive every night can have a significant effect on your appearance. Should you suffer a restless night of sleep, you run the risk of waking up the next morning with dark circles under your eyes. While these can be hidden with a simple layer of foundation, other areas of your face will begin to show signs of your exhaustion. Poor sleep can also cause weight gain and an increased appearance of aging. Do yourself a favor and carve out the appropriate amount of sleep time every night so you can be fresh-faced and bright-eyed every morning.

Care For Your Skin

Your skin is the most notable feature of your appearance. If your skin is unhealthy, dry, dirty, swollen, or blemished, it can greatly diminish your natural glow and youth. A study suggests that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will promote healthier skin tones while those who revel in an unhealthy diet sport a much paler, unhealthier skin tone. In addition to promoting a healthy skin tone, regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will also assist in slowing the aging process, keeping your skin looking youthful and will reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Mom Was Right; Don't Slouch!

A stalwart lesson in non-verbal communication, posture can not only negatively affect the health of your back and shoulders but it can also cause a negative impact on the way other people perceive you. Before someone approaches you, they examine your body language for any clues to learn about your current emotional state. Those who slouch are subconsciously perceived by others to be in a sour, sad, or angry emotional state.

Additionally, correct posture can help to improve the look of clothes on your body which will add to your physical appeal. An erect posture will also help you to look thinner, healthier, and more confidence. And confidence is a very attractive feature.

Let Your Eyes Shine

Body language is a vital component of many everyday activities. The way you act while out in public can influence how people react to you, how they perceive you, how they communicate with you, and how they view your physical appearance. If you wish to be seen in a more positive, beauteous light by people that meet then you simply have to look at them.

In this day and age of handheld modern technology, more than half of the people whom you encounter in public on a daily basis aren't even looking ahead at where they're going. Their eyes and face are tilted downwards staring at the screen of their smartphones. This lack of eye contact with other people and being alert in your current surroundings can be misunderstood as a type of negative body language.

Eye contact is one of the most important non-verbal forms of communication. Those who make and maintain eye contact are perceived by others to be more in control, attractive, and even powerful. Those who refrain from eye contact are perceived to be more subordinate and less approachable. If you want that special someone to see you in a more attractive way, let your eyes shine!

Love Your Locks

Your hair is the crowning jewel of your personal appearance. If your hair is damaged, thin, dry, dull, or unkempt, it can make you appear very off-putting and virtually unapproachable in a professional setting. A visionary revolution in the world of hair care is stem cell therapy for hair. This therapy helps those with thinning hair or bald spots to rejuvenate their hair follicles so they may begin growing new hair. This hair therapy also helps to improve the texture and quality of your hair.

Always remember that while your clothes may help to enhance your natural beauty, they cannot take the place of the beauty of a healthy body. When you feel healthy, you feel beautiful. Make as many changes as possible to enhance your health, boost your self-confidence, and let your inner beauty shine through.

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