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Leaving Your Office? How to Be Your Own #Boss

Becoming your own boss and working from home is a whole different ball game compared to the hustle and bustle of the office. Along with your normal job tasks, some of your new responsibilities include staying on schedule when your bed is so close, avoiding Netflix when a deadline is fast approaching, and making sure you put on regular clothes and leave the house sometimes.

Creating an efficient “office” in your home where you can thrive as a total work-from-home #boss can be challenging, but following these helpful tips can make the process easier.


1. Invest in an Office Space

A #boss doesn’t work on the couch with a laptop balancing on a pillow. You need a space in that’s used solely for work, even if it’s just a corner in your living room. Set up a space and invest in all the necessary equipment and supplies, including a desk and a comfortable chair if it fits in your designated work area. Don’t forget about a figure out what internet plan and speed so you don’t rip your hair out in frustration from #SlowInternetProblems. Only use this space when you’re on the clock to help maintain a work-life balance.

2. Establish a Work-Life Balance

Speaking of work-life balance, you need one. It’s great to feel motivated, but you don’t want to burn yourself out. When you’re on the clock, focus on your tasks. Treat the time as you would if you were in a workplace, and avoid scrolling through your Instagram feed or shopping online. You’ll accomplish more and feel productive at the end of the day. This separation and focus will also help you get your work done within a set schedule rather than letting it bleed into your evenings or weekends and compromise your personal time.

width=3003. Create a Schedule and Follow It

When you first start working from home, nothing sounds more amazing than sleeping in until noon and working whenever you want. But your brain, health, and wallet will thank you if you set a consistent work schedule and follow it. This doesn’t mean you have to settle on the old-fashioned nine-to-five work routine. If sleeping in is a must for you, start your work day later. Plenty of movers and shakers are night owls, so embrace your desired schedule. You’re the boss, after all.

4. Get Out of Your Pajamas

Businesses aren’t built wearing pajamas. Well, maybe some are, but make an effort to get out of those sweatpants and shave your legs. It doesn’t matter if the mail carrier is the only visitor you’re expecting. What you wear can affect your work, including your productivity levels, negotiating skills, and ability to focus.

width=3005. Join a Local or Virtual Business Community

Even if you’re mastering the work-from-home life, it can get lonely when you don’t have any co-workers. A small-business owner or telecommuter community gives you an opportunity to network and make new social connections. It can also give you the chance to swap tips for improved success. You can find small-business groups on Meetup and Facebook. Reach out to your city’s Chamber of Commerce to learn about any local groups.

Switching from an office life to a work-from-home life marks an exciting time in your career. Set yourself up for success by using the tips above and kicking butt as a brand new #boss.

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