How to Keep a Relationship Working

The relationship between a husband and wife is the most explained, yet least understood; the strongest, yet the most sensitive relationship in the world. Siblings, parents, grandparents etc. are the relationships that are bound by blood and ones you are gifted by nature rather than being given a choice to pick. On the other hand, the relationship between spouses is one that is chosen and picked by you. This relationship takes form quite a few years later in your life. The person you pick as the one who will live with you for life is a complete stranger at one point.

To keep such a relationship working is quite a bit of a task. You can never really tell how strongly two people will stick to each other before the hard and compromising stages of their relationship unfold. Sometimes, even a slight argument can separate two hearts and at other times the two are never separated from one another even when life has thrown both into the darkest and most miserable corners. Every relationship is a two-way street. Both the people in a relationship have to make contributions to keep it working just like two rowers have to row the boat in the same direction – in sync.

When you are in a relationship you know it best. No matter how many suggestions and opinions you hear from people, it’s you who would always have the clearest picture of the relationship. A few reminders and pointers here and there can still remind you of the importance of your relationship with your spouse and prevent you from derailing. Here are some important pointers that can help you in keeping your relationship healthy and working forever.

Give Each Other The Deserved Importance

You can’t build a strong relationship unless you give each other the deserved importance. You have to give importance to the likes, dislikes and priorities of the other person just like they give to yours. Respect the other person just like you want to be respected. Remember the old saying, “do unto others as you expect others to do unto you”. If some harsh remarks from your partner can hurt you, yours can hurt your partner too. If you have passions and ambitions in life, your partner can have them too. A relationship is about giving and taking and always expecting can lead to fatal consequences in relationships.

Be Practical

Leave what happens in the movies to movies. You are living a real life and your relationships are not part of an act. Saying “love you” matters but expecting it all the time could disappoint you. It’s just that you are expecting too much, but things don’t work that way. People are living busy lives and they can forget. Fights and quarrels are part of any relationship. You must have had many fights with your siblings and arguments with your parents when you were living alone. It’s the same in a husband-wife relationship. Don’t take things too far and don’t exaggerate commonly occurring situations.

Share Your Thoughts And Plans

Sharing your plans and thoughts with your spouse gives them a great sense of closeness to you. Don’t think that you can do it all because you know it all. Every person sees every situation from a completely different angle. Taking a suggestion might just provide you with the answer you were looking for. But more important than that is the sense of closeness and attachments you create when you share your mind with your loved one. Maintaining your separate world and not letting your loved one enter it could be devastating for a relationship.

Do Not Impose Things On Each Other

There are always better ways of working things out than imposing stuff on each other. Relationships start to go in the wrong direction as soon as the factor of retaliation makes its way into them. This retaliation often occurs when one party is feeling deprived, denied and restricted. When you impose things on your spouse you compel them to believe that you have no regards to their feelings and emotions. Not to mention, the worst thing you could do to a human being is make him feel that his emotions and feelings are not cared for.

Find Private Time To Talk No Matter What

It does not matter how busy you are. You have to cut short on a few things on your schedule to manage some private time with your life partner. Sitting together in loneliness for a couple of hours will automatically give way to conversation on many topics. Sitting together and talking about them can sort out a lot of things. If you are always too busy to talk and share some private moments with each other the repercussions will be devastating for the relationship. You will slowly get pulled away from each other.

Share Gifts Whenever You Can

The best way to touch your life partner right on his/her heart is by sharing gifts. A single gift carries a bundle of emotions in it. Your gift sends the message of remembrance, care and respect, and shares a sense of knowing each other. You can make your private moments golden moments by surprising your life partner with a gift. A gift stays with your life partner as a symbol of your love. There is never a better occasion to give a gift. Every occasion is the right occasion to share a gift.

Nature likes to test husbands and wives in their relationships. There are always several occasions when you’re love for each other is tested. While it’s always great to share your happiness with each other, what matters most is how you stand with each other in the hard times. Compromises and sacrifices are also part of relationships. Don’t be depressed over the fact that you had to make a compromise in a certain situation. Instead, feel happy that you have a heart big enough to sacrifice and love so strong that you can make compromises for your love.

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