How to Celebrate Dad this Fathers Day

He opened your eyes to all the things you were capable of accomplishing. He picked you up when you were down and was always there with a laugh and a smile. He has done so much for you and now it is the day to celebrate him. Father’s Day is right around the corner and begin planning now so you can spoil your own Father, your husband, and all of the incredible paternal figures in your life.

Make Father’s Day Memories
Father’s Day is a time to set aside everything else and devote the day to your dear dad. Set aside time to share his favorite hobby with him. Go on a hike, a brewery tour, concert, camping trip or lunch at his favorite restaurant. Create a memory on this day all while celebrating everything your dad has taught you.

Bring Everyone Together
Often times we need to share Father’s Day with Dad, but also with husbands brothers, uncles, godfathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and others. Host a celebration for your loved ones for maximum time with your favorite people. Mother’s Day is famous for brunch. On Father’s day host a BBQ, cookout or inclusive celebration with all the men you love.

Celebrate Father Figures
Father’s Day can be a difficult time for many as fathers may be absent. Father’s Day is about celebrating any incredible paternal figure who has shaped your life. Consider using this time as an opportunity to show appreciation male mentors, brothers and friends in your life. A father figure is more than a biological connection.

Use the Time You Have
national survey of the average American’s major life regrets highlighted that one of the biggest regrets is not spending more time with parents. Use this day to spend time with your Father and express what he has meant to you over the years. Communicate your gratitude, care and love during this time with him.

Give the Perfect Present
Gifts for dads can range greatly depending on your father’s interests. Consider the three P’s to guide your gift giving: Practical, Personalized, and Perfect.

Practical Gifts: Get him what he actually needs. Ask him what he may be needing or communicate with family members. Contribute toward a group gift he will truly love, for example:

  • Business and casual clothing
  • Restaurant gift certificates to his favorite place
  • Hobby accessories (paints and art supplies, how-to books)

Personalized Gifts: Go the extra mile to highlight his name, family crest or favorite team:

  • Engraved Watch
  • Personalized Glassware, Flask or Beer Growler
  • Sports Team Wine Stoppers

Perfect Gifts: Find the gift that quintessentially represents your dad or his future goals. Where does he want to go? What’s on his list? A perfect gift for your father:

  • New sports equipment: golf club, fishing rod, tennis racket
  • A fly-fishing or deep-sea trip he wants
  • Concert tickets to his favorite band

Start preparing now to plan the best Father’s Day this year and stay tuned for more tips and tricks coming your way.


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