Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

From dark costumes to overexcited kids that dart into the road, Halloween night is fraught with danger for families and kids. Whether you are heading home from a Halloween party or taking the kids to trick or treat on a cold evening, driving safely protects others in your neighborhood. Even if you are not behind the wheel this Halloween, reviewing these safety tips will help you stay alert and aware on this night of spooky fun.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, children are more than twice as likely to be struck by a car on Halloween night than any other day in the entire year. The excitement of running from door to door, reduced visibility in costumes and darkness make even big kids tough to see when they venture into the street.


Chevrolet Traverse Safety expert Suzanne Johansson weighed in on safe driving this Halloween and provided us with some tips to share to enhance your awareness and safety when you are behind the wheel:

Drive Scary Slow – This is an exciting night, so be prepared for kids and even pets to dart into the road unexpectedly. Keeping to a slow crawl can give you time to react when a little mummy or vampire darts into the road

Double Check your Tech – According to Suzanne, Chevrolet recommends you never turn off safety alerts, but if you have, you should turn them back on. Your rear-view or forward-facing cameras, collision alert sensors and 360 cameras give you a better view of what or who is surrounding their vehicles while backing up or just driving down the street.

Avoid Dreadful Distractions – Distracted driving is never good, but on this busy night, it is even more risky than usual. Lock the cell phone away and put your car on “teen” setting if you have it. This will limit the amount of distraction you are exposed to.

Motorists and Masks Don’t Mix – It may be part of your costume and even good for a laugh, but a mask can drastically reduce your ability to see and eliminate your peripheral vision. Skip the mask and put it on after you arrive at that Halloween party, instead.

Don’t get tricked, always buckle up – There could be more cars than usual on the road, even if you are just in your own neighborhood. Your risk of collision is higher than usual because of the excitement and congestion. Buckle up—and make sure your young trick or treaters do so as well.

Halloween should be packed with candy, treats and fun; following these simple safe driving tips will keep your family, neighbors and community safe on the big night.