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Create a Path Where There is None

Setting the Scene…


It is reported that one of the early missionaries that came to Africa received a letter from a well-meaning organization to find out if he had found a good road that was leading to where he was. This missionary allegedly replied as follows:

 “If you have men who will come only if there is a good road, I do not want them. I want men who will come even if there is no road!”

Create a path where there is none…

Just like this missionary, resolve to create a path where there is none. Be a possibility thinker and seek out other possibility thinkers who will inspire and motivate you as you build up your success and greatness. Even as I say this, I am mindful of the fact that when you make the declaration that you are just about to re-invent yourself, to get out of the box, and get out of what is ‘normal’, there would be a chorus of “No, don’t do that, no one has done it”. When that happens, my friend, hold your head high and politely say, “I will be the first one!” Whether you say it loud or by conduct is up to you. My message is:

Be bold as you pursue what is right for you.

Your noble dreams should never be sacrificed at the altar of conformity, the ‘usual’ and the ‘normal’. Do not allow your vision to be slaughtered by well-meaning and loving critics- critics that discourage you out of love and the desire to “protect” you. You see, your dream can only be seen with your mind. It is not a group thing! Know where you are going and why. Never apologize to anyone as you get there. Where you are heading should be more important than the good opinion of other people. Launch yourself into your next level of success. Be a possibility thinker!

“If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But, remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good”. (Thomas J. Watson Jr.)

My Story

My father was a friend, a loving daddy and a business partner – may his soul rest in peace! When I declared that I was going to resign from a well-paying corporate position so that I could become a motivational speaker and trainer, he was shocked. For him, being a lawyer and what I wanted to do, did not match. He did not see what I was seeing. He tried to discourage me out of love and the desire to protect me. I was courageous enough to resign. Had I decided to listen to my loving father:

  • I would not have written three personal development books.
  • I would have deprived myself from the immense joy of designing and facilitating my personal development training modules. I would have also denied myself the privilege of touching and transforming lives.
  • I would not have met the amazing people that I have met through my authorhood journey, my training and speaking engagements. I would have denied myself the opportunity to gain priceless pearls of wisdom that I get from these initiatives.
  • My creativity would have been stifled.
  • Considering my age, the corporate environment would spew me out through a retirement process. Guess what? I am now in that space where I will not retire. I LOVE what I do and it would be silly and senseless for me to retire from it, and
  • Last, but definitely not the least, what has to be ‘About my life’ would not be.

My Closing Message

Be bold and strong enough to believe in what is right for you and politely reject what others tell you to do or believe, particularly, when what they say and believe puts a lid on your potential for success, significance and greatness. Put differently, banish the flock mentality in your space. Spend less time going with the flow. Rather focus on what is right for you and just do it. I like the advice given by Earl Nightingale, expressed in the following words: “In the absence of a good role model, simply observe what everyone else is doing – don’t do that.” There is a seed of greatness in you. Protect it, feed it, nourish it and give it permission to blossom and bear fruit!

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