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SheSavvy runs a multitude of ongoing contests sponsored by our many great advertising partners. Be sure to visit this page often for great new contests, giveaways, and just a whole lot of fun.

Have a great idea for a contest? Want to see a different kind of contest? Do you have certain products or services that you'd like to see offered on the SheSavvy Contest Page? Just send your ideas and suggestions to and we'll review your submission to see how if it fits with our community interests.

Are You an Advertiser?

Are you a local or national advertiser with a great product or service? Would you like to reach a vast audience of decision makers across the SheSavvy network as well as connect with influential bloggers who can share your message and promote your contest?

Benefits of Running a SheSavvy Contest:

  • Reach a large, targeted and incentivized audience
  • Receive a privately branded landing page
  • SEO benefits
  • Cross promote your campaign across SheSavvy social channels
  • Ability for visitors to share contest details on their personal social channels
  • Connect with influential bloggers to further expand your reach

If you'd like to connect with the SheSavvy advertising team to discuss your campaign idea, please contact us at