SheSavvy Community Guidelines

Welcome to the SheSavvy Community.

SheSavvy was created to provide bloggers with an engaging, entertaining and educational experience where they can connect with other and Share, Discover and Inspire.

Our Community Guidelines are intended for the benefit of all members in order to ensure that bloggers are welcome to share different opinions, ideas, experiences and comments without insult, personal attack or disrespectful behavior.

The SheSavvy Team will do our best to enforce these Guidelines, assist members with any questions and provide a welcome environment for everyone. Although you may not agree with certain comments or posts from other members, we ask that for the enjoyment of the entire community, you respect the following:

  • Be respectful of others
  • Don't personally insult or attack other members
  • Slurs, stereotyping, and hate speech are not tolerated. This includes both posts or comments containing such content
  • Controversial topics and debates are encouraged. Be prepared for others to agree AND disagree with you and your ideas
  • Don't ask other members for help in the form of money, gifts, or donations
  • Advertising and promotional posts are not allowed
  • Do not post direct links to your blog
  • Make sure that you post a relevant introduction to your article so that the reader knows what the content is about
  • Don't share your personal information or anyone else's information
  • Do not create multiple accounts
  • Help us keep SheSavvy orderly by reporting any problems you see on the site including posts that break these rules and anyone you suspect doesn't belong on SheSavvy (link to contact page)
  • Do not conduct any criminal or illegal activity on SheSavvy or encourage anyone else to do so