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How To Change Your Financial Personality

Money: Everyone has an opinion, definition, and even a certain feeling as it relates to this one word. Some may feel good when they hear that word, whereas others, most in fact, may feel bad. The reason we feel good is that we have a good relationship with money. The reason we feel bad is that we have a negative relationship with money. How did we learn about money? Our parents, society, friends, media, and of course, our own personal experience with the “green stuff.”

Our emotions are always our guide of what we feel on any subject. If you feel any type of lower level emotion such as fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration, anger to name a few then you are in a negative relationship with money. We need to look at money as a living energy (which it is-everything is energy).

If you are attempting to focus on creating more money, but your vibrational relationship with money is negative, when you think about money it will bring up the vibration of lack. And because of the Law of Attraction, the Universe will continue to give you more of the same. We need to clean up our relationship about money. In order to do that, first ask yourself these questions: When I think about money in general, how do I feel? When I think about my ability to attract money, how do I feel? When I think about my ability to have and keep money, how do I feel? If money were a living energy (which it is), what vibration am I giving out that I will receive back in my life? (fear, doubt, worry, excitement, joy, etc.)

Then after each of those questions ask yourself, “What would I have to believe about money in general to feel that way?” “What would I have to believe about my ability to attract money to feel that way?” “What would I have to believe about my ability to have and keep money to feel that way?” And finally, “What would I have to believe about money to give off the dominant vibration that I do about money?”

It is important to get clear on your relationship with money and what you value in your life. Everything is energy and money is no different. Money is an effect of the cause. Money is neither good nor bad. It can provide the avenue for higher vibrational feelings in our life, and also lower vibrational feelings.

So here is the formula, which relates to the Law of Polarity. Every subject is really two subjects. And everything has to be approached from the way that we work. We are metaphysical beings, so the energetic work needs to be done. And we are also physical beings, so the action steps need to be done. As it relates to money, we need to connect with the feeling that we want this thing called money to bring into our lives, AND we also have to know the basics about money. Basic math: 1 + 1 = 2. The more you add to the amount of money you have, the more you have. If you spend more money than you have, you are in debt. Invest money and only spend the interest; keep the principal.

It is like with everything I teach – if you want to attract your ideal body, you need to feel lean, but also pay attention to what you put into your mouth. Both the metaphysical (thoughts, feelings, emotions, connection, etc.) and the physical (actions such as spending or eating) need to be in alignment with each other. That is when success shows up in our lives.

Do this exercise. Take out money and put it in front of you. Notice what you think about it. Do you have thoughts that whatever the amount is, it is not enough? That is a clue that you are coming from lack and limitation. Do you look at it and feel grateful for what that money allows you to do in your life? That comes from abundance. Only you can determine your feelings about money. Only you know the thought processes you have about money. Money is just money. We are the ones who give our meaning to it. If you change the meaning, you change the relationship.

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