Can Mystical Sacred Symbols Give Your Life Meaning?

Mystical sacred symbols have always been an important part of human culture, ritual and religion. It is believed that the emergence of civilization came with the advent of ritual and with ritual we always find sacred symbols of meaning.

Symbols can influence how we act, what we do and what we say. We cross our fingers for good luck, shy away from walking under a ladder and avoid the number thirteen. I live in a high rise building that has twenty floors with the thirteenth floor missing. We go up one to twelve and then the elevator goes from fourteen to twenty. Does that mean that the fourteenth floor is really thirteen or because thirteen is not listed it simply does not exist?



Folk lore, mysticism and legend is full of foods, objects, saying, blessings and tales that promise to bring us everything from good luck to immortality. The one thing they have in common is belief, or may-be better said, the ability to not disbelieve just in case they prove to be true.

Closely aligned with mysticism is superstition. It can be a paralyzing force. It can also spur us onward with great courage and fortitude. Stevie Wonder wrote in his song Superstition “When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer.”

Superstition is defined as any belief or act that appears to be irrational accept for the one who believes. Often associated with religious symbols and rituals it tries to answer questions or give us guidance to combat fear and ignorance. But is there some truth to these mystical sacred symbols that if explored deeper can take what appears irrational and make it plausible?

What about ritualistic sites? Didn’t they open the doorway to understanding our planet, the stars, the moon and the sun? Didn’t they give us a calendar and a guide for planting crops?

The Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis Scotland is an example. No one knows why the stones are arranged in the circle or how they got there. But archeologists believe it has to do with a ritual for worshiping and understanding the changing of time and the planting of crops. Legend says that these were petrified giants who refused to covert to Christianity and therefore were turned to stone. However, the placement indicates a place of ritual and an attempt to understand the movement of planetary life. When you understand the things you believe in, you don’t suffer; you prosper. It is because of these early beliefs and the practice of ritual that civilization as we know it emerged. Perhaps mystical symbols have more to offer than simple primitive irrational human beliefs.

Mysticism can be found in all religions and beliefs. The word has Greek origin and basically means to conceal something and then by uncovering it to attain insight into ultimate and hidden truths. In karma yoga it is referred to as the occult, which simply means, a secret that has not revealed itself. Whatever definition we apply to sacred mystic symbols and practices they all seek to explain the unexplainable. Look deep within everything for the hidden meaning of life. Who knows this may change the way you look at the world and open your consciousness towards discovering secrets waiting to be revealed.

Doctor Lynn



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