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Beautiful On The Inside Challenge

Growing up I was not the prom queen. That fact is okay now, but it took many years to get here and like my own skin. I was never really beautiful on the outside or the inside during my schooling days and did not come into my own until well after college. Anyone else feel like that? It is how I perceived myself, which might not of even been the case, especially if you ask my mother. :)

Beautiful-on-inside-campaign-picIt is hard, however, to ignore the trends on TV, Facebook, in magazines, and society; telling you what you must wear, how you must act and what you must look like. There is so much pressure for girls and woman nowadays to look beautiful and act beautiful. As my girls grow up, of course, I want them to be both, but more importantly, I want them to FEEL beautiful. I want them to radiate beauty from within. When people speak of them, I want them to talk about what beautiful people they are on the inside and what beautiful things they do for others.

As a parent, that is my job to do my very best for them and to teach them what true beauty is and that it comes from within. Encouraging them daily, reading them books about inner beauty and scripture, and daily tasks to reinforce what they are learning are some of the ways we are tackling this at my house. We talk about our hearts and how precious they are and how beautiful they are. We talk about how important it is to be kind and helpful to everyone and I cherish the moments of sweet questions with innocent little eyes.

In 1 Peter Chapter 3 and 4 we learn that 3: "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes." 4: "Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight". These verses alone tell us that outward beauty is not important to God and that it is inner beauty that is unfading and true.

The #BeautifulOnTheInsideChallenge is all about empowering and encouraging each other! Let’s spread the word and the love! We would love for you to help us with a couple of things!

  1.  Share on social media! Get the word out! Make your own sign with our challenge name (#beautifulontheinside) and take your picture with it or download one for free here.  Share on all your social media channels to get the word out there to encourage others to teach their children also that they too are beautiful on the inside! All woman, in fact!
  2. Tag 5 friends on social media that are “beautiful on the inside” and challenge them to do the same thing. Think ice bucket. :)
  3. Challenge yourself each day to do something to teach your kids, or the people around them, that they are #beautifulontheinside and not just the outside.

girls-with-sign-cameraEven if you are not a mom, it’s so simple and we are challenging you to let someone know how beautiful they are on the inside! Everyone should feel and know they are #beautifulontheinside!

Tell them today!


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