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Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Imagine a product that you can eat and drink, but that can also be used as a hair rinse, household cleaner, and fruit fly trap. That product would be apple cider vinegar. It has so many uses that it is something that should be in every household. The tips below will give you some ideas on how you can use this amazing substance to enhance your health and for many other household applications.

Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control

Apple cider vinegar ingested before a meal, especially a meal that is high in starch, can help a person lose weight. The acetic acid in the vinegar can help the digestion process of starches as well as proteins and fats. Used in this manner, weight loss will likely be gradual, but steady, the best way to go about weight loss. In addition, it has been shown to lower blood glucose levels after a meal. Recommendations vary from one to six teaspoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in at least eight ounces of water. This combination should be taken before meals to give the maximum aid to the digestive processes.

Skin and Hair Care

Apple cider vinegar can be used for both healthy skin and hair. It can be used for a detoxifying bath, facial toner, or hair rinse. Add a capful to a bath along with some Epsom salts for a relaxing bath. Or, you can dilute some and add to a cloth to wipe on your face. Rinse after ten minutes for healthy, toned skin. Finally, a great hair rinse of apple cider vinegar will leave your hair shiny and tangle free. Simply mix one third of a cup of the apple cider vinegar with about four cups of water and pour over hair after shampooing and then rinse thoroughly. Your skin and hair will be beautifully healthy and glowing after the use of this simple ingredient.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Instead of using a plethora of chemical-laden cleaners around your home, one simple solution containing apple cider vinegar can be substituted. To make this cleaner, simply mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. This mixture can be used to clean tiles, hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and so much more. With the apple cider vinegar mix, you will no longer have to spend tons of money on the many different cleaners you used in the past. So, not only is it healthier, but it is also a more economical method of cleaning.

Other Household Uses

Apple cider vinegar has so many more uses too. If fruit flies plague you and attack your fruit bowl, apple cider vinegar can take care of them. Simply put some apple cider vinegar in a jar and cover with plastic wrap. Poke small holes in the wrap, and the fruit flies will get in, but not be able to get out. They can’t resist the smell of the vinegar. But apple cider vinegar also removes odors. For example, if you pour some down the drain, you will eliminate nasty smells that can emanate from your plumbing. It can also be used to get rid of other unpleasant smells including cat urine and more. Best of all, once it has dried, even the vinegar odor goes away, leaving a neutral scent behind.
Apple cider vinegar uses are seen in so many different areas of life. And it is not only effective at so many different tasks, but it is also a money saving alternative to many other methods. You will want to be sure to pick up a bottle of raw, organic apple cider vinegar and try out some of these many options.

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