Affiliate Network Advertising Packages

SheSavvy Blue - Do it yourself
Self Managed
One Time Network Access Fee: $500.00
Minimum Account Funding (advance on affiliate commissions): $1,000
Minimum 4-month agreement
• Access to tens of thousands of affiliates in SheSavvy's unique network
• Access to affiliates not currently participating in other networks
• 95% of our affiliates are women, and women control 80% of the household buying decisions
• Create content consumer buzz for your brand

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SheSavvy Gold - $3,000 per month
Fully Managed
One Time Network Access Fee: $500.00
Minimum Account Funding (advance on affiliate commissions): $1,000
Minimum 4-month agreement
• All features and benefits of Blue +
• SheSavvy hand selects the affiliates for your campaign
• SheSavvy manages the affiliates each month to ensure they are promoting your campaign and replaces under-performers
• SheSavvy works with your creative department to create assets for your offer that will drive performance

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SheSavvy Black - Starting at $5,000
Content & Performance Hybrid
One Time Network Access Fee: $500.00
Minimum Account Funding (advance on affiliate commissions): $1,000
Minimum 6-month agreement
• Blue & Gold features included +
• SheSavvy coordinates unique content marketing to complement performance
• Content marketing drives SEO, brand recognition, brand awareness and performance marketing
• Content marketing is owned by the advertiser and can be re-purposed for other campaigns

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Additional Options

Affiliate Approval Service
$250 per month / 3 month minimum
In order to optimize the success of your program, it is crucial to review and approve Publisher applications in a timely manner
Our Affiliate team will review all applications for your program, accept or reject affiliates based on your selection criteria, and provide ongoing status reports to ensure optimal campaign performance

Featured Category Listing
$250 per month / 1 month minimum
Your offer featured in the affiliate network feed
Increase exposure and awareness of your offer by having it among the featured campaigns whenever affiliates log into their dashboard as they search new offers to promote. Your brand is now front and center for thousands of potential affiliate partners to see

Affiliate Offers Newsletter
$250 per week / 2 week minimum
Weekly email to affiliates with all available offers adds another level of exposure for your offer by including it in the SheSavvy Affiliate Offers Newsletter
This newsletter goes out weekly to all of our affiliates and is a sure way to get your campaign in front of potential publishers maximizing exposure for your offer

Featured Affiliate Offers Newsletter
$500 per week
Have your offer featured in the weekly offers newsletter and reach our coveted and highly targeted audience of influencers and brand advocates
Take your offer exposure to the next level by having it appear in our Newsletter in a Featured position

Solo Newsletter (unique distribution)
$2,000 per mailing
Your offer will be featured and highlighted in a SheSavvy mailing dedicated exclusively to your brand
Enjoy the benefits of being the only offer highlighted in this one of a kind newsletter thereby ensuring that your campaign maximizes exposure to publishing partners

Affiliate / Publisher Recruitment Services
$750 per month / 3 month minimum
Our Affiliate Team team will conduct and manage outreach on your behalf to identify appropriate Publishers for your program
This program is ideally suited for Advertisers who want to quickly establish partnerships with a strong team of targeted Publishers