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SheSavvy is made up of a vast community of influential women bloggers across the globe covering a diverse range of topics. With a social reach in the tens of millions, SheSavvy bloggers offer a powerful platform through which to reach your target audience.

The Benefits of a SheSavvy Blogger Marketing Initiative

Unlike traditional online and affiliate marketing, the SheSavvy blogging community and our related blogging marketing programs offer advertisers a number of key benefits.

  • Reach a Powerful & Influential Audience: According to Forbes, women drive 70% - 80% of all consumer purchasing through a combination of their buying power and influence. You can reach this audience when you partner with SheSavvy
  • Long-term exposure: Blog content provides virtually permanent exposure for your brand. Unless a post contains a time sensitive offering that is removed after an “expiry” date, the blog post remains permanently online in many cases thereby extending the value of the primary program by virtue of long-term visibility
  • Back links: Blog posts typically contain back links to an article, landing page or web site that are powerful traffic generators. Back links remain permanently visible and searchable as long as the post is live, often well after the initial program has been completed
  • Circumvent Ad Blocking: Over $22 billion of online ads are now blocked every year by ad blocking technologies. Brands are facing an uphill battle when it comes to getting their message heard. Content campaigns using native advertising strategies ensure that your voice will be heard and your message seen
  • SEO: SERP rankings are highly impacted by content volume and relevancy. A blogging marketing program offers advertisers a number of independent blog channels through which a message is shared thereby increasing SEO benefit over the long term and improving your online competitive position
  • Reputation Management: Positive, objective content written across a number of blogs will slowly begin ranking in search engines and suppress any negative or neutral articles that may have previously populated search rankings. This helps position your company in a favorable light and enhance or improve the overall image of your organization
  • Avoid affiliate fraud: Sponsored blog content avoids the many drawbacks associated with traditional affiliate marketing, most notably affiliate click fraud. Followers of bloggers are quality, engaged readers interested in the product or service being promoted. When they click through, it is with a specific interest or intent to take a convertible action

In order to optimize your blogger outreach initiative, SheSavvy’s experienced in house marketing team works directly with our community in order to ensure that the right bloggers are chosen for your campaign.

Each blogger is independently vetted and we choose from a field of tens of thousands of bloggers to make sure that we identify those with the right audience, message and tone for your program.

SheSavvy Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

SheSavvy offers advertisers a wide range of different advertising programs and marketing support.

  • Content development and optimization
  • Product sampling and reviews
  • Brand ambassador programs
  • Social media marketing
  • Targeted e-mail marketing
  • Social platform campaigns, contests and sponsorships
  • Twitter parties and chats
  • Surveys, focus groups and beta testing
  • On-site Influencer events

If you’d like to tap into the power of blogger and influence marketing, please contact us at to request a media kit.