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7 Must-Have Smart Home Accessories

Smart home technology has improved considerably in recent years making it possible to do so much more with your home. With so many advancements in home automation, it can sometimes be difficult to cut through all the noise and choose the must-have items. Here are seven of the best accessories for your home automation system.

Smart Thermostat

Having a smart thermostat is essential for any decent smart home. There are many of these to pick from now, such as the Nest learning thermostat or the Ecobee4. These devices are great because they help you regulate your heating and cooling in a more efficient manner. You can set them up to learn your habits and adjust their heating and cooling schedules accordingly. They also link up with your home wifi so that you can access them from a smartphone or computer. This lets you adjust the temperature when you're on the way home from work, for example.

Belkin WeMo Switch

The Belkin WeMo switch allows you to gain control of anything that plugs into an outlet remotely. This switch plugs into any standard outlet and then you plug your device into the switch. By doing this, you can see everything that's plugged in and turned on from an app on your phone. You can then turn things off and on with the click of a button. This can be utilized for saving energy also by automating when things turn on and off.


The Roomba is a great device for automating the cleaning of your home. It drives around the floor and vacuums the floor for you without you having to do anything. They can work on many different types of flooring and use sensors to make sure they get every part of the room.

Sonos Speakers

Sonos speakers are great for the music lover who enjoys convenience. The Sonos system allows you to customize a music system throughout your entire house. You can add as many speakers as you need in different rooms and then control them all from your smartphone or computer. You can stream radio, audio books and music from many different music services. Sonos gives you the flexibility to play the same music in every room or different music in each if you prefer.

Home Security

Advancements in technology have made home security systems part of the smart home. Devices like the Nest Cam allow you to set up security cameras anywhere in the house and pull up the video feed from your device. It integrates with the other Nest components in your home to give you a fully connected system.

Digital Assistant

Devices like the Amazon Echo make it feel like you have a personal assistant right there in the house with you. By simply speaking to it, you can get assistance with many tasks such as searching the web, turning on music, or reminding you to do something in the future. It can even be linked up to other smart home devices and work as a central hub in controlling them for you.

Smart Appliances

Many home appliances are now considered to be smart and offer a wide array of features for the homeowner. For example, you can get smart refrigerators, smart dishwashers and smart ovens. You can access and control them all from your smartphone and get information from them. Some of them even have video screens built in so that you can watch your favorite show while you're in the kitchen. With this technology, you could preheat the oven and get ready for dinner while on the go.

Smart homes are evolving every year and these devices will help you lay the foundation for an even more advanced smart home system in the future.