6 Ways to Organise Your Home With Shoe Boxes

Just like every other woman, I enjoy buying new shoes from time to time. Or for each season, if I have to be completely honest. I like all kinds of shoes in all kinds of colours and shapes – flats, platforms, heels, it doesn't matter. But with the shoes I also receive lots of shoe boxes in various shapes and sizes. And like every woman, I keep thinking that I can make use of them at some point. And after the pile of boxes became too high and fell on my head a couple of times, I decided it was time to act. Fortunately, I also have a big house, filled with all kinds of junk and in big amounts too. So, finding ways to utilize the shoe boxes was actually quite easy. So, here are the most efficient ways to organise your home with shoe boxes.

Clean your closet

ShoeWe've all had this situation when your closet is so full and messy, that you feel that you'll have to throw away half the stuff in there in order to be able to create order. Socks falling off shelves, underwear getting all mixed up, these are only a few of the most common issues you can see in a closet. To keep your closet better organised and to make it quicker for you to find your things in the morning, all you need to do is to place 3 shoe boxes on one of the shelves. Put your socks in one, your bras in the other and the panties in the third. If you own many swimsuits, or like me brand new thin socks and tights still in their packaging, you can also put them in a shoe box. This way they will be all in one place and easy to find when you need them. Things like belts, ties, scarfs and jewelry can also be stored in shoe boxes.

Organise your drawers

PersonEvery home, small or big, needs drawers. We use them for all kinds of gadgets, documentation and even our underwear. The issue is that in most occasions our drawers are so stuffed with things, that it's very hard to find anything there. We often find ourselves throwing everything out of the drawer just to find one small thing, and afterwards we have to pick up everything and put it inside the drawer again. It's a very tiring and time consuming activity, which can be easily avoided using shoe boxes. For instance, you can put all your nail polishes, nail polish removers and files in one shoe box, and the next time you need to do your nails, there will be only 1 place where you can find the needed supplies. You can do the same with medicine, receipts, and everything else which can be currently found in your stuffed drawers. You can also put small labels on each box, so you can know what's inside it.

Spruce up your kitchen cabinets

Many of us also enjoy cooking, and when you have a child at home, you find yourself in a position where baking cakes and masking vegetables with nice spices happens almost every day. So, kitchen cabinets get stuffed by all kinds of ingredients, things spill and everything is messy. This is where shoe boxes come to the rescue again. You can put general spices in one box, spices needed for baking and decorating in a second box and small tools and utensils in a third box. And you will notice how a big part of the clutter will be gone.

Organise your child's room

DeskChildren are a blessing, but they also come with a whole lot of stuff. Even a small infant requires so many things, that you'll need more than one room to store it all. And if you live in a small apartment, this can turn into an issue. By using shoe boxes to categorise things and put them together, you will have lots of time saved from housekeeping and organising chores, which you can use on so much needed rest. Diapers, bottles, rattles, socks and many other small items can be placed together in boxes. And when your small bundle grows up, you can store toys and school supplies in them.

Organise your cables and cords

This is something I saw on the Internet when I was browsing for new and interesting ways to use shoe boxes around the house, and it really stunned me with its genius simplicity. All you need to do is make a few holes and put all the nasty cables in the box. I wish I found that out sooner, I stumble across cables all the time.

Be creative

Now, I know that most shoe boxes don't look very classy, but this doesn't mean that you can't make them look better. Get some craft paper and glue, some ribbons, buttons and other decorative elements and turn the boring shoe boxes into real masterpieces. I personally even used old present bags I've been collecting for years. They are a great substitute for crafting paper. And it's a great activity for kids too. Enjoy!

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