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6 Ways To Earn Extra Money For Christmas Shopping

Give Your Holiday Budget a Boost This Christmas Season

Christmas is coming, do you know where your spending money is? If you don’t have a dedicated holiday account, or if you have one that could use an infusion of cash, then our list of ideas for putting some extra money into your Christmas stocking will come in handy this year. While you may be able to pick up a part time job, using your imagination and skills you already have will allow you to earn Christmas money and have fun at the same time.


Upgrade a hobby: If you already have a hobby or craft you enjoy, consider making a few extra items and selling them in the pre-holiday season. Simply posting jewelry, soap or other specialty items you make on your personal Facebook page or blog may bring you some business. You can also set up a booth at a holiday craft show – many towns, schools and churches offer inexpensive selling space at shows beginning in November.
Add holiday flair to your business: If you already have a small business, add some extra value for your customers during the holidays, and earn Christmas money at the same time. If you have a pet grooming service, make sure your shop stocks holiday-themed bandannas, Christmas stocking and collars for your furry clients.
Babysit or Petsit: Babysitting isn’t just for teenagers, particularly during the busy holiday shopping season. Let other parents know you are available to watch kids in the evening or during a Saturday, allowing Mom and Dad to do some kid-free Christmas shopping or head out without worrying about the family dog and what he is up to. You’ll help out a friend or neighbor, and earn Christmas money for your own shopping at the same time.

Decorate: If you always have the most decorated house on the block, or if you are simply skilled with lights and a hammer, advertise your services to local homeowners. Most people love the look of Christmas lights, but detest the task of hanging them. Hang a few flyers at the grocery store and you’ll reach a local market. As a bonus, you’ll be able to make a little post-holiday cash by offering “un-decorating” services as well. Chances are, someone who is willing to pay you to hang lights will be willing to pay for their removal as well.

Assist the elderly: Advertise at your local nursing home or assisted living facility. Offer your services for running errands, mailing holiday cards and wrapping gifts.
Pick up a paper route: If you are already an early riser, consider delivering papers in the morning hours. Just a few weeks waking up early and driving around can help you earn Christmas cash, and you can listen to holiday tunes or audio books as you work. The hours needed for delivery means that jobs are almost always available, and won’t interfere with other employment.

While these tips are designed to help you earn Christmas money, they can be used any time you need a quick infusion of cash. Working at your own pace, on your own schedule allows you to painlessly pick up extra spending money for a vacation, luxury item or other holiday as well.

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