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6 Tips on Making Your Home Feel More Inviting

Whether you just moved into your house or have lived in your place for 20 years, you may still be looking for ways to make your home more inviting. An inviting place is not only great for company, but can help put you in a better mood at the end of a long day.

Read on to learn six ways you can make your place more inviting for guests and family.

  1. Add in color

Colors are a great way to warm up a room.  When in doubt, add colors to your walls, such as red, yellow or orange. You can paint the whole area or consider painting one wall to make a statement.

Also, when considering paint, don’t just tape small paint squares to the wall. Take a sampler home and paint big sheets of cardboard and pin them against the wall to really get an idea of what the color will look like. Although paint is a low-cost way to change up a room in your home, remember to make sure the paint complements your furniture.

  1. Lighting

According to a recent study by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois, increasing natural lighting can lead to feelings of happiness, peace, and productivity. So buy floor and table lamps or replace your small windows for larger windows that can help bring in sunlight. Adding glass doors to your home is a great way to separate more important rooms in your home, such as the living room or dining room, as well as bring in more lighting into your home.

  1. Plants and personalization

Plants are a great way to add color, beauty, and life to a room. You can use larger plants as a nice side piece to your furniture or place in the corners of your living space. Consider placing medium sized plants on a bench or window ledge to make a statement in your home. Worried about the upkeep? Talk with your local florist to see what plant would work best with your lifestyle and in your home. Plus, the addition of plants or florals can add a nice scent to put you in a better mood.

Furthermore, be sure to add in personal pictures of family and friends in your living room and bedroom. Frame pictures of a fun trip you took or a picture of a happy time in your life. Placing these pictures in your home will help boost your mood and the mood of your home.

  1. Add in accents

This is an easy way to change up a room’s personality. From accent rugs to throw pillows, candles, coffee books and more, there are endless ways to add creative accents. Plus, don’t feel like you have to break the bank when shopping for new accent pieces—look at your local thrift stores to see what they have. They might have a piece that you didn’t even consider beforehand. When incorporating new pieces, make sure that they don’t add clutter to the room.

Furthermore, when adding in accents, it doesn’t just include the physical items mentioned above, consider adding decorative lining to the back of your bookshelf or painting a single wall.

  1. Create comfort

When looking to cheer up your home, comfort should be a part of the addition. Besides an accent blanket to drape over the couch, consider a faux fur or sheepskin throw over an armchair or couch. You also can never have enough pillows on your couch or loveseat.

Designer Maxwell Ryan explains, “Make sure you have pleasing textures around you. Little touches can make a big difference. Try adding a sheepskin or a soft blanket over a chair that you use when working at home.”

  1. Organize

Clutter in the house, whether that’s a dirty kitchen or a living room full of stacked books can add stress into your life. Invest in a bookshelf or if you’re tight on space, show your books off in a decorative way, such as wall shelving or in baskets at the foot of the couch.

Keep these six tips in mind to help make your home feel more inviting to your guests and for yourself.