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5 Tips for Keeping Fashionably Warm This Winter

It\'s winter time, you can\'t wear your cute clothes anymore and you want to stay warm without looking like the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, but you don\'t want to become an icicle either. What do you do?

Well, we are here to solve that. You can look hot while still being warm and safe from the weather.


  1. Turtlenecks

Now when you think of turtlenecks, you might think of some 90\'s tv show. But turtlenecks can be sexy. You don\'t need to look ugly to stay warm! Fashion has improved over time and turtlenecks have been designed with fashion in mind, you can\'t go wrong with the turtleneck anymore. Pair it with a beautiful necklace and rock the turtleneck look while staying comfortable and warm.


  1. Wool Socks

No one wants their little toes to freeze, but perhaps your winter socks don\'t really go with your shoes or outfit. You can avoid those numb toes with some wool socks. With great designs, you can keep your feet nice and warm while matching them up with your favorite pair of boots or booties. They\'re also versatile, whether you\'re looking for the everyday casual look or a more dressy look, wool socks is the perfect choice to keep those toes warm.


  1. Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are not only an attractive look but are in this year and have been for a few years. You can probably picture it now, classic T, suede scarf, skinny jeans, jacket, with these knee-high boots strutting around. Let\'s just say, you probably won\'t feel like the marshmallow man anymore. They add warmth to not only your feet, but your legs, they look amazing paired with winter clothes, and they won\'t break your bank. If you\'re a boots girl, knee-high is an easy go to this winter! They can be paired so many clothes, from jeans or leggings to a long skirt–anything your heart desires. Stay warm and look good.


  1. Beanies

Let\'s be honest ladies, not everyone wants to go through the work of doing their hair when it\'s winter. Winter is the time to be lazier than normal, and why would you go through all that work when you\'re probably going to cover it up with a hoodie anyway? Well, there is an option for you. Beanies. No, really I\'m being serious. We are at the point where outfits without beanies are almost incomplete when it comes to winter fashion.


  1. A Sweater Dress

A sweater dress could become the staple in your winter wardrobe. It\'s stylish, sexy, and will keep your whole body warm, pair it with some booties or even the knee-high boots. Feel comfortable in the weather and in your own body by wearing a sleek and fabulous dress.

Whether you\'re wearing a sweater dress, a beanie, knee-high boots, wool socks, turtlenecks or maybe something I haven\'t mentioned, the important things to take away from this is, be comfortable in your own body and dress appropriately for the weather. You can look good and stay warm at the same time, this is an important development in fashion. You don\'t need to wear a coat that weights more than you do or that old peacoat that your great-grandma handed down to you but you were too nice to say no because it\'s your grandma, come on.


Regardless of your situation, you have no excuse now to complain about not looking fabulous this winter. There are tons of options and tons of experts that can help you, these are just 5 tips for you to get you started. If you don\'t know where to look, there\'s always Pinterest! Remember, stay warm and stay fabulous!