5 Things That I Am, I Am Not & What I Hope To Be

5 Things That I Am:

  1. Mother: I believe in family first. I am a mother who teaches my child, that learning is an ongoing process and therefore, every day is an opportunity to learn something new. I am sure to constantly make the adequate tools and resources available, for creating more structure and discipline in his life. I protect him the best way that I know how to and I provide for him, at least the basic things that he needs for survival. I believe in fostering a nurturing environment for my child to grow and thrive. I am a God-Fearing woman, who knows the importance of keeping him at the center of everything I do.
  2. Woman/Lady: I believe in respect & honor. I hope to empower and to inspire women everywhere, by being an example of what a woman and a lady is. Not to ridicule anyone for getting it wrong or to praise anyone for getting it right. No judgement here, just an affinity for seeing women succeed, in the most dignified way. I aspire to wake up to being a better woman each morning, because I know that change is constant, and growth is a process. I do my best to walk in the ways of a woman, carrying myself with decency. I stand in up and in the gap for women who are searching for their voice. I keep it classy.
  3. Loyal: I am true to any/everything I do, be it my career, my work, my job, my hobbies, my relationships and business affairs. I am a devoted learner and listener, when it comes to people who are in my corner and those whom I stand in the corner with. I don’t give upon things I love and love me in return. I am consistent at supporting and standing by the few friends I have, the family that supports me, the ideas, endeavors and commitments that I have. I keep my word and my promise. I know that at the end of the day, all I have is my word and work, but my word comes before anything.
  4. Honest: Integrity IS SOMETHING I VALUE. When I say that I am going to do something, I do it. And unless it is revealed unto me that it is not the will of GOD, I continue to go for it. All the while, being honest in my pursuits and ventures. I do not deceive or manipulate people and it is never my intention to indulge in anything that is not exemplary of what is right, and fair.
  5. Self-Motivated: I am a Go getter. I put my heart into what I do. Blood sweat and tears. If I want it, I strive to get it. While I would rather find a way to work smarter rather than harder, I am no stranger to hard-work.

5 Things That I Am Not:

  1. Push Over: I cannot think of one time in my life where I have ‘rolled over” and allowed someone to have their way. If they got what they called “their way” it was not because I gave it to them. It was because a higher and more divine power took over and set my plan aside, for a higher purpose.
  2. Quitter: There hasn’t been a time where I can think that I have quit something. Even the jobs that someone would say that I have walked away from, I don’t attribute to quitting or giving up on. It was a mutual decision that I was not growing in the company or position and I was not utilizing skills, talent, education or experience in the position and it was evident that it was time to move on.
  3. Dead beat: This one doesn’t really deserve a response, as it goes without saying; in all the things that I do for my child. However, just thought I’d put that out there. I have always been an A-1 mother and #1 fan and supporter for my one and only child. I have gone above and beyond in his school affairs as well as extra-curricular activities. I show him an abundant amount of love and care. I am always there for my son, in all the ways a mother can and should be.
  4. Debbie Downer: Generally, I am always in a good mood. When in a bad mood, I stick to myself, being conscious not to spread negativity to anyone around me. I am not the type of person who wakes up and decides that it will be a dreadful day, all day. I will keep my distance from people if I find myself in a less than cheerful mood. I am more of an optimist than a pessimist.
  5. Jealous/Envious: I am not jealous or envious of others or their successes. I am proud of them, happy for them and I always wish them the best. Even those who do not wish the same for me. I do not covet things that others may have, which I do not possess. If I want something, it is usually because I want it for myself, and not because someone else has it. I don’t live in a space where I am consumed with living through others or hating someone for what they have, or glorifying them for their material possessions.

5 Things That I Hope to Be:

  1. Wise: I listen to the instruction of elders and those who have been where I am trying to go. I am astute to the learning processes in life. I consider, all my past experiences, so that I can make better decisions, and so that I can make better choices.
  2. More calm: I hope to find a calmer way to handle challenges, that bring anxieties, so that I can eliminate anxiety and panic. There are certain triggers that I have, in which I hope to eliminate, so that I do not become overwhelmed when they are present.
  3. More patient: Slowing down and waiting, is something that I have been learning. The good book says, “wait on the lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart” But because I do have such a go-getter spirit, it has been challenging at times, because I want what I want, when I want it. However, I know that all things happen according to his will, so I hope to continue in my pursuit for more patience with myself and others, as my life continues to unfold in my favor.
  4. More Obedient to the Word: We are all sinners, saved by grace. No one is without flaw. We have all committed our fair share of sins. Some we know and some we don’t know. I hope to walk on a more obedient path, to continue to receive favor and grace.
  5. A More Successful Business Woman: It is my active goal in this life, to give attention to the areas in business that need it, to become the business woman that I desire to be.

What I Need and Require:

For anyone who has been on this journey through life with me, and for those who are beginning this journey, I need and require the following things. I will accept no less.


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