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5 Home Safety Tips To Prep For A Cold Winter

Proper home preparation is a crucial annual ritual that every homeowner should observe. Everyone is subject to numerous hazards that come along with the windy, cold and wet weather. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your family members and guests are safe during the winter.

Every year, hundreds of people in America die or get injured during the winter period. Numerous accidents occur on wintry roads and slippery walkways. Additionally, individuals experience fire breakouts due to improper use of air conditioners and water heaters. Exposure to severe winter conditions also leads to chest problems and other respiratory illnesses. Below are some helpful safety tips to guide you on how you should prepare your home for a life-threatening winter period.

Remove Broken Branches in Your Compound

If you want your yard to look beautiful during and after the winter, you should water and mow it properly. Broken branches and dead trees around your compound can damage your well-maintained lawn. If they fall on the roof of your house, they can cause injuries and even deaths. Therefore, to prevent these challenges, you should remove them before the cold weather.

The best thing for your home is to hire professional lawn maintenance services in your region. A lawn expert will help your lawn grow well throughout the unpredictable climatic conditions. Additionally, a lawn professional will enrich your yard with useful nutrients and perform other activities, including aeration, fertilization, and fighting against pests that damage lawns.

Clear Clogged Gutters

The roof of your building is an important part that you should check before the cold weather. Broken branches and tree leaves can damage the roof of your house. Therefore, the best thing is to clean up the roof at least once per month to prevent damages. However, hiring a home inspector before the winter is an incredible decision that every homeowner should make.

An experienced home inspector will check the condition of your roof and advise you on the right roofing contractor to hire to fix the leaking areas. Additionally, the professional will assist you in making a budget to repair and maintain your house before the cold weather commences. Nevertheless, you should not hire a semi-skilled home inspector. You should consider a knowledgeable and licensed expert to check your property.

Check Your Heating Equipment

Before the winter period commences, you should check the functionality of your heating equipment. Heating and air conditioning devices are crucial during this time. They will help in keeping your house warm and comfortable for your loved ones and pets. If you realize that your thermostats and air conditioners are not functioning efficiently, you should hire the right contractor to fix them before the season begins.

Additionally, to avoid breakdown problems during the cold weather, you should teach your family members how to operate the heating equipment. Educating them will also prevent fire breakouts caused by mishandling of the heating machines.

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

Extreme cold weather conditions can cause pipes in your house to freeze up. Therefore, to prevent them from damaging, you should check them regularly. To protect the pipes, you can let them drip lightly during the night. However, you should be cautious to avoid paying huge water bills.

Insulating your metallic pipes is also a perfect remedy. You should hire a professional plumber to insulate your pipes at the areas that are extremely exposed to cold. The process will enable them to function properly without blocking.

Insure Your Home

Obtaining home insurance is another significant step you should take to secure your home before the winter period. The life-threatening weather conditions are unpredictable. There can be floods, snow accumulation, and wind-driven snow. These conditions can damage your property. Therefore, if you insure your home before the cold season commences, in case of damages, you will receive compensation.

Conclusively, you should clean your parking and walkways in your compound before the winter. Slippery walkways can cause accidents. These tips will keep your loved ones safe during the cold weather.

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