5 Handcrafted Birthday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

While we all love to celebrate our children’s birthdays, it can seem a little monotonous to roam down the endless toy aisles in the department store. Many of the popular toys come with hefty price tags and a million little pieces. Long story short, your gift will soon find its way into the dark abyss toy box of broken and neglected toys.

Toy manufacturers spend millions on advertising campaigns and strategies. They know exactly how to speak to their loyal customers: children. Then, it becomes the children’s job to convince us (the wary parent) that life just cannot continue for them without the newest gadget on the shelf. Manufacturers depend on this expensive vortex. In a 2014 survey, it was estimated that we Americans spent about $23 billion just in toys.

That should keep our kids perpetually satisfied—right? Maybe not, says The article maintains that children with fewer toys have more benefits, such as a greater imagination, and better social skills. To have a minimalist view of gifted toys, you have to teach children the virtue of quality over quantity.

Handmade toys are a wonderful way for you to share your craftsmanship and your love. Unique toys that are handcrafted can last longer and will always remind your children how much you care. Even the simplest and up-cycled designs are fascinating for youngsters—especially gifts that cannot be found on any toy shelf.

If you have a kid’s birthday coming up and want to do something different, do not waste your time in the toy aisles. Try creating something on your own that will always be appreciated with part of your spirit engraved into it. Here are 5 cool DIY kid’s birthday gifts for you to consider:

1. Blackboard Table

Just think of all the fun your little ones would have with a blackboard table in their playroom! All you need to do is find a small table that would be the right height for the recipient. You can find durable wood tables at thrift stores and tag sales on the cheap. Clean the table well and sand down any rough edges—especially on the surface of the table. Give the table a couple coats of blackboard paint and let it dry.

When you give it to your special child, include a box of fun-shaped colored chalk and a couple of erasers. The kids will have hours of fun writing and drawing, then erasing and starting over again.

2. Treasure Box

Here is a special gift for the little pirate who is celebrating his birthday on the 7 seas. You can also turn this into a princess’ treasure chest for a girl. Take a large cardboard box and make a rounded lid, like a chest. You can paint it brown for a pirate or pink for the princess. Adorn the box with gold straps and golden bolts. On the princess box, you can glue a mirage of glitter and rhinestones.

For your pirate, make a treasure map and put it in the box. You can make a map to Fairyland for the princess. Include a nice book about pirates or princesses, and then fill the box with little trinkets from a dollar store. You could even make a pirate or princess costume and let the treasure box store their dress-up supplies.

3. Special Blanket

Handmade blankets are often handed down from generation to generation. You can customize a fleece blanket in about a weekend. Fleece fabric comes in a variety of styles and popular character prints. You can make the blanket in whatever theme the child likes. Your cuddly gift will soon be a favorite blanket at nap time or at night. They are easy to wash and last for years. If you want, craft a fleece pillow or teddy bear for younger children. These blankets make great first birthday gifts, too.

4. Moon Sand

You may have seen this fun product on a television advertisement for a bargain price (plus shipping and handling, of course). Save your cash and make the same product in your kitchen with things that you probably have around your house. Combine 3 cups of playground sand with 1 cup of cornstarch, ½ cup warm water, two tablespoons of your favorite powdered finger paint colors, and a splash of gold glitter. Divide it into two parts and make two colors of moon sand. Put each moon sand ball into a plastic sealing bag. Put both bags into a cute basket that you decorated with stickers. Add a few new cookie cutters, spoons, little cups, and bowls to make anything their heart desires. Moon sand is best used at an activity table in the yard.

5.DIY Light Box

If you have a translucent storage box and a string of white lights, you can make a cool light box for your child. Drill a hole in the plastic box that will be big enough to pull the plug through the box. You can decorate the sides of the box with holographic stickers if you want. Your child can use the light box to trace pictures or use it as a shiny base for their building toys. You can use thin, colorful plastic chips to form glowing letters on the box.
You do not have to mortgage your home to give your children a nice birthday present. Some of these DIY ideas will be fun for the whole family. It will encourage your children to experiment with their own creative gifts.

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