5 of The Most Asinine Things I Did Pre-Motherhood

5 of the most asinine things that I did pre-motherhood and one mistake I didn’t learn from.

  1. Dukes of Hazard Turn: It sounded like a clever idea when I was in high school. I was a bit of a rebel and I was no stranger to turning stunts in the car. That night, the road was slick from the earlier rain showers. Just enough to wet the road. I accelerated to about 60…okay, 70… coming up on a turn. The plan was to slam on the breaks, turn hard left, create a fish tail and then speed off into the sunset. Did not happen that way. Somehow, when I made the hard left, the car did fish tail...but the steering wheel locked and the car hydroplaned off the road and we all landed in a ditch. The impact of the crash caused the passengers in the back seat, to be forced forward with such thrust, that the front passengers seat came up out of the floor. Consequently, the front passenger went into the windshield. The four of us survived that crash to tell about it, but this is the first mention I’ve made of it. #Stupid #Dumb
  2. Busted the Windows of Someone’s Car: I had good reason to. At least good enough reason for an 18-year-old college student. I was a sophomore in college when I got word that some guy that I did not know, was spreading rumors about having slept with me. I did not take that lightly as it was something that could have been detrimental to my reputation. Plus, I had a boyfriend at the time. I was so upset over this lie that I did campus research to find out who this guy was. Once I found out what car he drove and what dorm he lived in, me and (someone who shall remain nameless) lol…went to the dorm at 2am, with a bolder. We slammed it on the hood, the dashboard and then finally knocked out the driver side window. It was no secret that I was the one who did it, by 8am…someone was telling on me. However, the guy who told the lie did not file charges because he knew he told that vicious lie. #Justice #WeAreEven
  3. Set Up a Cheating Ex: This was so common on a college campus. However, no girl wants to know that “The weekly scandal” involved her own boyfriend. I was at work when I received a call from a friend asking if I was still dating XYZ. "Yes," I responded. He went on to tell me that XYZ had been seeing his friend. I was managing a shoe store in the mall at that time. I had just opened shop, but after this call, I could not keep my composure. I literally closed the store, after calling another manager to come in and finish the shift. I went to the school’s campus to meet the girl and to bust him. I approached him outside, where a crowd of students gathered around lunch time. I asked him about the girl and of course he claimed he did not know her. That’s when I invited her to come out and meet me in the front with him. He was busted red-handed, but it was so hilarious to watch the crowd disperse. #Busted #Childish
  4. Moved to Minnesota Without Any Money: This wasn’t all bad. However, it could have been, because I made this move with no job, no money, no bank account and no idea where I would stay after the next two weeks, when my sister would be moving. I did it off total blind faith. I drove from Alabama to Minnesota, in hot pursuit of a new life. Once I made it there, I got off the road at a Big and Tall Store, where I saw a now hiring sign. I went into the store and I asked for the job. I got it. I stayed in Minnesota for about one year, before I realized that it was too much of a culture shock and I could not have survived the winters. I don’t have regrets about doing this, but I must admit, it was radical. I learned survival skills while I was there. I learned that if I have faith, I can do it. I grew up a little bit while I was there, even though I did not always make the right choice. I have learned so much from that move. #Faith #Radical
  5. Married My Stalker: Who would have thought? No one! In my defense, no one knew what a stalker really was or that they truly existed at that time. It was kind of like the word bully. That word didn’t come along until I was long gone from any school. So, no one knew what characteristic traits to look for or how to spot red flags, and determine if their potential mate was or is a stalker. Hell, for the most part, it was stuff that could have been flattering to any female. However, not knowing or being able to identify the obsessive behavior he exhibited and not being able to discern between him doing ‘courteous’ things and showing up unannounced, was all the same to me. It took being married to him, as well as now being divorced, to see how all the things he used to do, added up. Back then, he was an amateur, but with years of practice, he is one of the best at this skill. #Professional #Stalker

And last, the one mistake I did not learn from: Being so happy to finally be out of such a terrible relationship, where someone had shown me just how grimy they could be, you’d think I would have found myself living in another part of the world just to be away.  I must have forgotten the lesson somewhere between forgive and forget. Being that I knew exactly what my ex-husband was capable of, and what extent he would go, I found myself right back at his house three years after the divorce was final, thinking he had changed. #BabyDaddy #BabyMomma

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