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4 Best Tips To Help You With Your Black Hair

Black hair is beautiful, but can be difficult to manage. Whether it is relaxed, natural, or braided, taking care of black hair can be particularly difficult. Unique in structure and appearance, black hair is usually fragile and prone to damage and injury. Without proper care, it can become dry and brittle. Want to maintain soft, silky, and healthy black hair? Follow these 4 tips.

Wash It Once Every One To Two Weeks

You have probably come across articles on the internet that insists that those with black hair should ensure they wash it twice a week. These articles give a lot of reasons to justify this claim. But, don’t let them mislead you. While washing your black hair can help prevent hair graying and maintain the black color for a long time, overdoing it will only result in dry and brittle hair. You should note that black hair is not naturally black; it’s a dark brown shade and washing it regularly will only make it look bad. You don’t want this; do you?

Black hair should be washed every ten days, but you can also wash it once every 14 days. This will help you prevent graying and product build-up, which can make it dull or weigh it down. Use a shampoo that is meant for black hair. There are people out there who will tell you not to use shampoo when washing your hair. Don’t listen to them. A good washing with the right shampoo will help increase your hair’s longevity, give you a good foundation for any hairstyle, and make your hair color more vibrant. Some shampoos have resveratrol and antioxidants that help take care of your skin.

Avoid using too much shampoo. If possible, also use a conditioner for black hair every time you wash your hair. While conditioner may not help in deep cleaning, it helps moisturize black hair and keep it manageable. Most importantly, you should also be gentle when washing your hair. Don’t be in a rush, and always ensure you pamper your hair so that it grows to be soft and healthy.

Go For A Hairstyle That Protects Your Scalp And Hair

You don’t want a hairstyle that will aggravate your scalp. Rocking the wrong hairstyle increases buildup of dead skin on your scalp, which in turn leads to acne, itching, and hair frizz. Dead skin on your scalp will also shorten the life of your hair. Wrong hairstyles also increase hair problems such as split ends, dandruff and hair fall. Women with black hair should, therefore, be careful about how they style their hair to ensure their scalp is protected. If your scalp feels uncomfortable when you try other hairstyles, try loose braids and ponytails. These two stylish hairstyles will not only help you conceal the exposed area of your scalp but will also help promote hair growth. Increasing your daily intake of water will also help keep your scalp and hair hydrated, thus preventing split-ends and grey hair.

Be Careful When Using Hair Products

Hair products can help make your black hair look beautiful. However, you should be careful to ensure the products you use are meant for black hair. Avoid cheap brands and focus more on professional hair products. These products will give you the results that you want. You can consult your stylist to ensure that the hair products you choose are right for your hairstyle, hair texture, and desired health results.

Avoid Too Much Heat

Hair straightening makes black hair look amazing and takes off hair frizz. However, using heat-straightening tools for a long time will deplete your black hair its natural moisture and damage your hair follicles and scalp. Hot ironing tools will also make your hair lose its natural color coating. Avoid such tools. If you can’t do without these hot ironing tools, make sure you hot oil massage your hair regularly. Carrying out a hot oil massage with Amla oil or coconut will help maintain thick hair that cannot be easily damaged by hot ironing tools.

With effort and patience, you can transform your fragile black hair into strong and healthy hair that turns heads wherever you go. The tips discussed above will help make your black hair healthy and beautiful. Apply the tips for excellent outcomes.