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25 Rules, From the Diaries Of A Super Single Mom

25 Rules, From the Diaries Of A Super Single Mom: Know The Rules, Play The Game, Win The Game.


  1. A man that would drop you like a hot potato, when and if someone else comes along, is not savage. He’s garbage, #KnowTheRules #PlayTheGame
  2. A man that has no interest in a relationship with you, makes it known early on. Listen and watch for the signs.
  3. A man that loves you, will have no qualms about telling you. Nothing is forced, everything will flow. He will release his heart to you.
  4. A man who has your best interest at heart, will invest in you. He will build with you.
  5. A man who respects you, will not waste your time, as he would know that your time is valuable.
  6. A man that wants to grow with you, will do just that. He will grow. He will not remain in child-like behavior.
  7. A man who has an interest in a future with you, will not hide you, or keep you a secret. He will make it known to the close people in his life. He will be comfortable with having you by his side, wherever he may go- and he will not just refer to you as a friend.
  8. A man who cares about your heart, will listen to your concerns.
  9. An honest man is not full of lies. Faithfulness is not his biggest challenge.
  10. A man who wants you in his life forever, will allow you into his life, and he will do the work to keep you there.
  11. A man who’s worth the fight, will fight for you. A man who’s worth your tears, will cry for you.
  12. A man that is worth keeping, adds value to your life. He does not downgrade you or take away from you. He adds substance, love, nutrients for a relationship to flourish.
  13. A man that takes you serious, will listen carefully to everything you say. He will make a conscious effort to do so, because he values what you have to say.
  14. A man who wants to be with you, does not have to be coached on what to do. It comes naturally.
  15. A man who is into you, remembers the simple things. Even if not a certain day, he wouldn’t forget the things that make you happy.
  16. A man who is enough for you, would never make you feel like you are not enough for him.
  17. A man who deserves your trust, will give you his.
  18. A man who deserved your honesty, will give you his.
  19. A man who deserves your level of loyalty and commitment, will give you his.
  20. A man who wants your attention, will give you his.
  21. A man who knows and values your worth, will never make you feel worthless
  22. A man who feels like you are “the one” will never make you one of many.
  23. A man who wants to make future plans with you, will do that.
  24. A man who anticipates being with you forever, will make that known to you through actions as well as communication
  25. A man who wants you as his wife, will make you an honest woman.


Now that you know who you are to this man, you can continue to play the game in any way you chose to. But knowing where you stand, will assist in making the right decisions, where your life is concerned. You are responsible for making the decision of continuing to ignore the writing on the wall…. Or to bring down the wall and close the door. Create the space that you want to live in, and decide carefully on whom you decide to share that new innovative space with, as you embark on your new journey. Are they bringing anything more to the table, other than a plate? Are they in it to win it with you? Are they building with you or breaking you down and holding you back? Don’t bring old things, into your new space, that doesn’t add value or things that don’t work with the décor of your new life. If you have moved out of your old life, and moved into a new one- don’t worry about getting your key back. Just change the locks.

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