10 Places I’ve Lived, One of Which Is In My Head

It’s probably not fair to myself to recall places that I lived before, when I cannot really remember anything about it. I do know what it felt like to move from city to city though. Being a military brat it felt like a never-ending adventure. Until it became time to socialize and I really did not know how to. The truth is, I was afraid to. I was afraid to make new friends, because I was used to changing schools and changing cities so much, that I could not keep a friend.

The better side to that, is that when it came time for me to make my own moves in life, it never really bothered me about where and how. I just knew that it was possible., because I grew up doing so, with my parents. I also realize now, that all the moving taught me how to survive without having someone close to me my whole life. I learned to never attach myself to anything, and so it’s always been easy for me to up and go.


Then there’s the ugly side to being like that. Having the ability to turn emotions on and off, is having the ability to control them and in doing so, you can hide all pain. You can walk away from things without being hurt. You have inadvertently grown an emotional wall, which makes it hard to grieve over things or mourn the loss of anything.

I did not break this wall until I became a mother. I have never cried so much in my entire life. I can’t even remember crying as a teenager or as a child. I remember getting spankings of course, where I cried. But as far as crying over anyone or anything…never.


So, here’s all the places I’ve lived and some things that I remember about those places:

  1. Germany – My birth place. I remember the snow and the beautiful buildings. They sort of remind me of something goth.
  2. St. Louis Missouri – I don’t remember St. Louis at all. I just know that my mom and dad had a brief stay there, while both were in the U.S. Army – Same with Ft. Hood, Texas. Can’t remember how old I was or how long we stayed there. Funny thing is, I remember Germany, when I was even younger, but can’t remember several places we lived after Germany.
  3. Mobile, Alabama twice: I remember my old address, 4926 Henry Road, Eight Mile, Alabama. I went to Indian Springs Elementary School. I remember all my neighborhood friends. The second time I moved to Mobile after college, I stayed in a swanky downtown loft, which was on Dauphin Street on the Parade route. Prime real estate. Loved it.
  4. Birmingham, Alabama twice: I lived in Birmingham while in the 4th-6th grade. I remember my school: Shades Mountain Elementary and I remember all my classmates. We have all reconnected on Facebook over the last 5 years. I remember my first writing class in the 5th grade, when I wrote my first book, titled, “The Garbage Can Kid.” I moved to Birmingham as an adult, years later after college. I worked at a Commercial Property Management company, where my desire for real estate began to develop. I remember hanging out with my cousin after work and running interference for each other on Saturdays at the Galleria mall.
  5. Huntsville, Alabama twice: My first time living in Huntsville, Alabama was while in undergrad at Alabama A&M University. I remember staying in Terry Hall and then being the first class to live in the brand-new Women’s Complex, West Campus in my second year. I remember having the ugliest car on campus. Lol. A Geo Metro, with a Pioneer amp and some 12’s in the trunk. I remember watching the cartoon network on Saturdays and lifetime during the week, when I should have been in class. The second time in Huntsville was when I worked at Lady Foot Locker. I remember my old manager's name, Renita Nettles. I remember eating a pretzel from the pretzel shop every day for lunch for like a year.
  6. Daphne, Alabama- Daphne is where my family moved after we came back from Birmingham and I was in the 7th grade by then. I remember the new school. Not having many friends but I remember two guys would share their snack with me at recess. Prince Williams and Jerome Williams.
  7. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – A random move to Minnesota in 1999… to get away from Daphne Alabama. I worked at the Big and Tall Store, as well as Woodbury Police Department, and then Neiman Marcus, before finally moving. I remember this beautiful little girl named Mecca.
  8. Houston, Texas – Texas has been bitter sweet. Some of the best and some of the worst things in my life happened in Texas. The first part of my stay in 2002-2008 was great… 2009 to 2017 was awful. While I did a lot of work on the community and charity events… I truly hated being in Houston, Texas
  9. Santa Monica, California – To Be Continued...
  10. Dubai – I have lived in Dubai in my head for about 8 years now. I enjoy the culture, the shopping, the hotels, the beaches, the parties, the people and the gorgeous buildings. It’s a wonderful place to be, and I don’t foresee a move anytime soon.

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