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10 Genius Beauty Hacks You Haven’t Heard Of

Who doesn't appreciate a genius beauty hack? I know I sure do! There’s so many of them out there, but do they work? Some, for sure! Others, not so much. So I did some research and found some beauty hacks that I hadn’t heard of, and put them to the test. And I have to tell you; I found some incredible hacks!

I’ve also added a few hacks that I have been using for years; they were too fabulous not to add to this list. So, enjoy - I hope you found these as helpful as I did!


Now, this hack I was highly skeptical about. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I added some contact solution (eye drops work too!) to my mascara that had gone a little clumpy and dry - and I was able to use my mascara again! This will ensure your mascara will last a bit longer, by adding some moisture in there. You can grab some cheap contact solution here.

NOTE: Mascara has an expiry date of 2-6 months (depending on who you ask) So I would not recommend doing this with super old, crusty, decrepit mascara. If you’ve had it for ages, just chuck it and purchase a new one.

I am really digging L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara.  This affordable mascara is recommended by various beauty bloggers and celebrities. Who needs falsies with this stuff?


This is a hack I have been using for years. It's crucial that you use FOOD-GRADE quality, though. Just pour 1/10th of it into a little spray bottle, and the rest pure water. (Bottled water would work) Then when you go to brush your teeth, spray your teeth thoroughly and leave it on for maybe 15-30 seconds.

Then leave it on and brush your teeth as usual. This is something my Mom showed me years ago after I had complimented her repeatedly on how white her teeth are. This works so well. I do this every day, but that may be a tad excessive lol.  2-3 times a week is perfectly sufficient.

You will notice your teeth whiter immediately!

The peroxide I use is the Essential Oxygen+ Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Food Grade from Amazon - it lasts me more than a year! I used to buy it from the Health Food store, but this stuff works just as well and is half the price.


I discovered this a few months ago, and girl, it’s a game-changer! Every time I'm finished using my beauty blender, it is saturated in liquid foundation, and it's stained that way indefinitely. All you do is put a few tablespoons of dish soap in a dish or bowl, then pour some olive oil in it (pour about ½ to ¾ of what you used in dish soap) and saturate your makeup sponges and brushes in it. For beauty blenders, work the mixture into the sponge. Same with brushes, but you don’t need to work it in as much.

Then make sure you rinse them thoroughly, and boom - they will look brand spanking new. You’re welcome. My ride or die foundation that is less than $10 is the

My ride or die foundation that is less than $10 is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation.  If I'm feeling like a splurge, I go for Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Both work fantastic for my oily skin. I have heard they are excellent for combination and dry skin as well, though.width=1width=1

4)Blot Your Oily Face With Fast-Food Napkins

Another thing I have been doing for years!

We both know how crazy expensive blotting papers are. And if you’re anything like me, you need something to blot your face throughout the day to combat your oily complexion.  I don’t know why this works so well, but it does. Grab some extra fast-food napkins next time you’re in any fast-food restaurant or coffee shop.

I find Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s work the best for me. If your makeup is starting to melt off your face or smudging during the day, just blot your face (mainly your T-Zone) with these babies, and then dust with some translucent powder, and you’ll be good to go again.

5) Apply Dry Shampoo To Your Hair At Night

Dry shampoo has become such a fad these days, and for a good reason. It’s become common knowledge in the beauty world that dirty hair just styles better, and looks better. Weird, I know.

I have always prided myself on washing my hair every day until this whole trend came to light that told us not to wash our hair as often. And there is some truth to it. But you don’t want to go around with greasy hair, so that’s where dry shampoo comes in.

If you want voluminous and freshly-washed looking locks, apply your dry shampoo before you go to bed, and then when you wake up in the morning your hair will have such incredible volume and will look so damn good, you’ll never go back to applying it in the morning. My new favorite dry shampoo is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. width=1

6) Hair Spray to Keep Your Brows in Place, As Well As Your Hair

To prevent frizz and flyaways, spray a little hairspray onto your hairbrush, and then run it through your hair. Most of us know this trick. But, I bet you didn’t know you could spray hairspray onto a toothbrush (Obviously not the toothbrush you use on your teeth!) and run it over your brows to keep them in place all day! My go-to brow pencil right now is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil or the Maybelline Brow Precise Shaping Pencil. width=1

This hack works! Brow gel is wonderful, but if you're out or don't buy it - this tip will keep all your hairs in place. :)

7) Leave Your Conditioner On While You Shower

This hack is very simple but very effective. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. When you get in the shower, the first thing you should do is shampoo your hair. Then put your conditioner on, and leave it on. The heat from your shower will provide an excellent deep conditioning treatment to your hair.

This way your conditioner is sitting on your head for almost your entire shower, and this will leave your hair looking much smoother, shinier, and just looking all-around better. I swear by this hack, especially if you have color-treated, dry, or damaged hair.

You can use whatever condition you like, but I tend to use the Aussie Miraculously Smooth Conditioner the most lately! width=1

8) Brush Your Lips

I’ve started doing this recently, with the colder weather (at least in Canada) my lips are starting to get dry and cracked. Not a good look. So what I’ve been doing is brushing my teeth like normal, and then when I’m finished I’ll just lightly rinse my toothbrush, leaving a bit of the toothpaste still on. Next, I will brush my lips. Yes, you read that right.

Brush your lips with your toothbrush, and this will leave your lips feeling much smoother, and it will get rid of any dry cracks in your lips. You can also do this without any toothpaste, as it may sting or irritate some lips. Just make sure you put on some good quality lip balm afterward, or my personal fave: Vaseline.width=1

Then when it’s time to do your makeup, just wipe the Vaseline or lip balm off (if you’re applying lipstick.) If you’re not applying lipstick, just leave it on. This has to be my favorite new beauty hack.

9) Remove Makeup With Coconut Oil + Use It As an Eye Cream

It turns out, coconut oil isn’t just an excellent moisturizer and a cooking oil; it’s also an incredible makeup remover, and can be used as an eye serum. I'm blown away at how easily my makeup came off with this stuff. Rub a little bit between your fingers to warm it up, and then rub it in circular motions all over your face or just around your eyes. Then take a warm washcloth to wipe it off. It’s very simple; it smells amazing, and it’s chemical-free!

There’s no need to buy expensive makeup remover, just purchase a jar of coconut oil, and you're all set for a LONG time. Especially since coconut oil has like 5000 uses, it won't be wasted. width=1
After you’ve taken off your makeup with the coconut oil and then cleansed your face, you can add a tiny bit and lightly dab it under your eyes and around the eye area. width=1

This will moisturize your eye area like you’ve never seen before.

10) Use a Sock to Apply Foundation

Yes, I said a sock. I know, I thought the same. But if you don’t have a beauty blender, or maybe you just want to try something different, use a clean (brand new if possible) sock to stipple and dab your foundation into your skin, the same way you would with a beauty blender or makeup sponge.

The-Beautified-Life-beauty-hacksI hear that the heel of the sock works best. This will give you a flawless face!

Don’t forget to set your face with translucent powder to achieve the desired effect. You can use any foundation you like; I typically use the Maybelline Matte + Poreless or Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Makeup.

I hope these beauty hacks were helpful! Let me know in the comments what you thought, or if you have any genius hacks to add.


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